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True Detective

I’ve got theories, you’ve got theories, we’ve all got theories.

Thank you, HBO, for being kind enough to release the first two episodes of this new season of True Detective on the same day (those who haven’t checked out our first recap can by clicking here).

The second episode of True Detective, which is entitled “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” picks up with middle-aged Wayne begging for more information about the Walgreens robbery regarding Julie Purcell.

The interviewers promise to give him some answers so long that he continues recounting everything that happened back in 1980.

So, we journey back in time to the West Finger Community Center, which is where the police are speaking to the community about the case.

True Detective
credit: YouTube

As Wayne and Roland scan the crowd (with Wayne sneaking in a few extra glimpses towards Amelia), their captain, Police Chief Warren (Gareth Williams), addresses the crowd by installing a curfew, taking questions and trying to settle everyone down.

Things really don’t settle down, though. At least not for Wayne, Roland and everyone else involved with the case.

After interviewing Brett  “Trashman” Woodward (Michael Greyeyes) and not getting anywhere, the two start talking with some of Purcell’s family members at Will’s funeral.

The big question on everyone’s mind, at this time, has to do with the dolls: how did they get there and, more importantly, what do they mean?

True Detective
credit: YouTube

We see that even the elderly Wayne is still struggling to put all of this together, as he’s startled when the question comes up in his interview with the TV director — an interview that Wayne’s son, Henry (Ray Fisher of Justice League) offers to put an end to several times.

Meanwhile, Tom isn’t doing so hot in all of this either. He tries to be the big man and go into work the day after the funeral, only to find that his co-workers don’t really want him there. Or, rather, they’re distracted by his presence and would be more comfortable if he took the next couple of weeks off. This is the last thing Tom wants to hear, of course, as he promptly quits and storms out of the building

Ultimately, it’s Amelia who’s able to crack that case of the dolls, or at least point the police in the right direction.

She takes a picture of the dolls with her to work the day following the community center meeting and, during recess, begins asking kids on the playground if they’ve ever seen them before.

True Detective
credit: YouTube

In walks poor, little Mike (Corbin Pitts).

Mike recognizes the dolls from Halloween and tells Amelia that someone was passing them out while they were trick-or-treating and that Julie got one.

Minutes later, he’s rushed into the police station and forced to give a statement. He’s just a kid, mind you, and doesn’t remember everything that happened that night, but he is able to draw a map of all the houses they stopped at and reveal that he saw Julie talking to two adults dressed in ghost costumes later on that night.

That revelation leads to a complex situation within the police force on how, exactly, they should proceed with that information.

True Detective
credit: YouTube

Roland and, more specifically, Wayne wants to start searching every single house that Will marked off on the map. The residents won’t like it, sure, but most of them will ultimately agree to it if they’re told it’ll help the case — and if they don’t agree, it means they’re likely hiding something.

Warren, however, wants to immediately go public with the information. That’s ultimately what he does, too, without so much as a heads up to Wayne and Roland that he plans to do so.

Needing to blow off some steam, Roland and Wayne make good on the promise that was introduced to us in the first episode by rounding up a possible suspect and beating the living daylights out of him.

Granted, he is a child pedophile parolee who’s been up to some questionable stuff lately and therefore deserves the treatment he’s given, but even Wayne and Roland are smart enough to know that this man, named Ted (Shawn-Caulin Young), had nothing to do with this case (This season is certainly worthy of that True Detective title after all).

True Detective
credit: YouTube

Then comes the next big break.

The two detectives receive a call from Tom and Lucy, telling them to get over to their house ASAP.

Upon arrival, they find a note in newspaper cutout letters that reads:

“Do not worry

Julie is in a good

place and safe

the children shud

laugh do no

look let go”

While that would have made for a fine cliffhanger, the final bit of this True Detective episode takes place in elderly Wayne’s timeline when he’s sitting around the dinner table with Henry, Henry’s wife and Henry’s Children.

True Detective
credit: YouTube

Wayne has more or less been starring off into space for some time when he turns to Henry and asks if it would possible for his daughter to visit. Henry tries to shut down that idea immediately (we know that there’s some kind of drama involved with the daughter, but we don’t know what, exactly, as of yet), but Wayne just asks again and again.

Poor Wayne. Poor Tom. Poor Henry. Just, poor everyone, I guess. We know True Detective likes to be dark and grim (especially with Hold the Dark director Jeremy Saulnier is directing this episode), but they’re really taking that and running with it this season.

Tune in to HBO tonight to catch the newest episode of True Detective!

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