Todd Warner Moore: Pop/folk singer-songwriter creates warm and effusive acoustic songs on newest album, 'Spark'

Todd Warner Moore

Pop/folk singer-songwriter Todd Warner Moore’s music is inspired by the catalogue of music that he has heard over the years.  From Bob Dylan to Neil Young and Van Morrison, Moore’s sound seesaws from his penchant for more acoustic driven songs and to that of Americana and folk from different eras.

In his latest album, Spark, Moore explores a multitude of different genres on his record that include Folk, Americana, 70’s Singer/Songwriter, Classical, and Jazz.

Spark opens with a short performance poetry piece that lasts an all but 18 seconds.

Next the album segues with the title-track, “Spark” with a great acoustic melody that incorporates a catchy and upbeat cadence.  The track has a great stripped down feel with the combined vocal harmonies adding a sonorous layer to the music.  Percussions give off an energized element to the track.  The acoustic song offers up an intimate feel on this warm and effusive track.  This heartwarming and spell-binding song is suffused with a great Americana, folk, and acoustic sound.

An acoustic guitar opens up “Gift” with Moore’s sun-soaked vocals.  The simple arrangements on this dynamic acoustic ballad creates a dreamy and haunting soundscape that is also soft and soothing, resounding with a placating quality.

On “Noodles,” the steel guitar jumpstarts this track.  A whimsical and quirky song that is sung with gusto, the track has a fun-loving vibe that flourishes with some upbeat rhythms.  Overall, a catchy song, the steel guitar gives off some warm bluesy rhythms.  An uplifting track, the guitar offers a funky and groovy twist.

On “Do You Really Know?” Moore’s vocals, here, are warm and give off a soulful glow.  The acoustic guitar accompanies Moore’s vocals along with the lush cadence of strings.  A pretty dynamic ballad, the song rises and crescendos with a dramatic lilt.  This is a slow-grooving track.

On “Drift Awake,” the sounds of elegant strings and the twang of guitars jumpstart this country-blues song.  The combined vocal harmonies create a dynamic overlaying of singing, as the track soars with its harmonic layers.  Reverberating guitars add a sonic range to the music.

“Mess” is a bluesy number filled with a groovy appeal.  This is a happening country-bent song with a touch of blues.  The acoustic guitar provides a dynamic backdrop to Moore’s groovy vocals.  This is a warm acoustic track that bares all.

“Gem” is a dreamy song that has a happening flow.  The stings cast a lovely glow to the song, as the track evokes a magical quality, sounding almost like a lullaby.  About a lover who only knew what he was missing after it was already gone, the lush strings go on to create an enchanting backdrop to the music.

“In The Water” contains some groovy bluesy rhythms on the acoustic guitar that truly makes this acoustic song sing.  The catchy track has an upbeat approach and a great flow, overflowing with warmth and a sunny cadence.

A beatific piano melody softly plays in the background of “Right Inside This Room.”  Percussions add a dramatic pulse to this song.  The track has an intimate feel as Moore sings in a falsetto, igniting a romantic appeal to this song.

A slower striding track, “Crashing Down” incorporates some deft strumming on the acoustic guitar.  Filled with drama and a rising sense of urgency, Moore sings with emotion and power on this song.

“Already There” is a warm and sunny track.  This quiet and soothing song progresses with a placating quality.  A lovely cadence, the acoustic guitar and elegant strings accompany Moore on this track.  This song faces the ‘what-ifs’ – if we were never there, will we be going down a different path of life?

“Bird’s Eye View” pervades with an honest and intimate feel on this soft acoustic song.  A marching drumming beat adds a rhythmic pulse to this track.  The sound of strings also incorporate a sweeping symphonic layer, creating a pretty dynamic cadence.

The album closes with a spoken word performance, “Epilogue.”

Following the many gems on Spark, the album also includes a bonus track, entitled, “The Lens (ft. Tea Thieves, Live From A Garden In Wales).”  On this fast-paced and riveting song, Moore sings with gusto and feeling.  The energized appeal also manifests in the instrumentals – deft finger work on the acoustic guitar creates an amped and charged ambience.  This is an arresting live performance.  The sound, here, really shines and vies for your attention.

Todd Warner Moore has a knack for creating bare-all, intimate acoustic sessions that will really resound with you long after the record has finished playing.

The songs on Spark will stick with you.  These pensive and thought-provoking acoustic tracks evokes a magical quality and a timelessness only seen in the most sought after artists.

Honest storytelling and authenticity, makes Moore’s music genuine as well as spontaneous and riveting.  Listeners will be floored by the simplicity of each song.  This ease into a more minimalist acoustic approach creates songs that are both warm and heartfelt.  These heartwarming tracks have definite staying-power.

About the album, Moore says:  “Spark is, both lyrically and musically, a celebration of the canon of magnificent music and sublime songwriting I have heard over the years.   I have painstakingly sculpted these songs with exceptionally talented and intuitive musicians, creating an album that follows its own self-contained universe of tales, confessional tones, and ebullience.  I feel that it is the album I have always been striving to create.”

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