The Punisher Season Two: Fun But is it too Violent to Escape Marvel Cancellation Wave at Netflix?

The Punisher

"The Punisher' season two hit Netflix in all it's violent glory perhaps for the last time

The Punisher is one of two remaining Marvel shows on Netflix. The other being Jessica Jones which has not been canceled yet. Season two dropped this past Friday the 18th to much anticipation for what the new season would bring but also anticipation for the impending cancelation that is happening to all the Marvel shows.

What separates The Punisher from the other Marvel shows is the level of violence. No doubt it's on display in each of the 13 episodes of season two. Watching the series I felt each punch, gunshot, and broken bone as if I was right in the middle of the action. I couldn't help but ask myself how Frank Castle is able to walk away from any of this. Same goes for Billy Russo, John Pilgrim and everyone else involved in one of the big fight scenes. How could they take so much punishment (pun intended) and keep going for more? Yea I know, it's just a TV show but if you watched it you would understand what I mean.

The season kicks off with Frank in a bar in Michigan trying to find his way when he runs into a mysterious girl named Amy, played by Giorgia Whigham, being pursued by assassins. Frank gets in the middle dispatching everyone after an explosive shootout from a sheriffs office. Frank is curious about why Amy was on the run and decides to find out. After reaching out to Agent Dinah Madani he finds out Billy Russo has escaped the mental facility where he was receiving treatment and makes a deal to find him. That's just the first few episodes and of course, there is more that goes on but I encourage you to watch it and see for yourself.

The rest of the season seems to focus a lot on Billy Russo, who after his battle with Castle at the end of season one has lost his memory. He can't remember what happened to him and why. After escaping he realizes who he is and gets a group of guys like him to perform robberies around the city while he waits for The Punisher to come for him.

While Frank and Billy's war is going on we see the side story unfold that involves Amy and the reason why people are after her. This story introduces us to the character John Pilgrim played by Josh Stewart. Pilgrim is loosely based on The Punisher comics character The Mennonite. John Pilgrim was my favorite character on the show and I really wish we would've seen more of him. I wouldn't have minded if the entire season was based on Frank Castle vs John Pilgrim. Pilgrim came from a violent past to find god and religion only to be involved with corrupt violent employers. His mission is to find Amy and kill Castle. Pilgrims scene are a show stealer for me and as I said, I wanted more of him.

Season two of The Punisher was definitely a good one but also felt that the multiple storylines took away from each other. The main focus on Billy Russo gave us less of what would have been a more interesting season with Pilgrim. With that said, it's a must watch for any fan of either Marvel or just good television.

The question now is where do we go from here? There was speculation even before the season premiere that Netflix would cancel it with the rest of the Marvel shows. All signs point to that this will happen and even with reports that season three already has a storyline, showrunners are waiting for the bad news as well. We know these shows are being canceled because of Disney owning the rights and wanting them for their own streaming service that's coming. I just hope that when this new Disney service comes, they produce more seasons of The Punisher. But with the level of violence involved with this show, I would say that sadly we have seen the last of Frank Castle. I hope I'm wrong.

Did you enjoy the new season of The Punisher? Share your thoughts with me in the comments!


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