Spice Girl Quiz! Which one are you?

spice girl

Spice Girl you are beautiful!

Get ready to spice up your life because the Spice Girls are going on a reunion tour!

After so many years apart, the girls are finally going to be back together again for their 10 concert UK tour starting May 29

The tour was originally just 6 dates but were in such a high demand that 4 extra dates were added.

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Sadly, Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice will not be on this tour, but your other 4 favorite Spice Girls, Mel B, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton will be!

So, let’s find out if you’re more like Sporty, Baby, Scary, Posh or Ginger Spice!

What's your favorite 90s trend?


Who's your favorite 90s leading lady?


How would you describe your style?


How would you want to spend a Friday night?


Which Spice Girls song is your favorite?


Which word best describes you?


What do you really, really want?


Which boyband is your favorite?


Which Beckham kid is your favorite?


Which 90s snack is your favorite?


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