Social Gravy's sun-soaked classic rock vibes on brand new single, "California" is not to be missed

Social Gravy

LA transplants Social Gravy is a foreign duo who fuses their indelible indie folk rock melodies with a retro-styled classic rock flair.  An intersection of oldies and contemporary music where Hotel California meets Jimi Hendrix, Brad Kohn and Vee Bordukov’s collaboration started in 2014, and the duo have been making music ever since.

Kohn is an award-winning producer, songwriter, artist and engineer who has been playing music all his life, started with the piano at the age of six.  Within ten years later, he found himself fronting a band in the London circuit.  He has worked with luminaries such as Foo Fighters, Neil Young (via Global Citizen), and The Prodigy, among others.

Bordukov joined the rebellion while living in Belarus – rock ‘n’ roll being a dangerous thing at the time.  He developed a passion playing the guitar with influences that range from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton and The Kinks, Paul Simon, and Bob Dylan.

On their newest single, “California” the pair pays ode to their adopted state.  The track starts off with some rudimentary sounds of fuzzy guitar riffs that go on to jumpstart this song.  "California" escalates with the familiar twang of bluesy electric guitars, creating an ostentatious wall of sound.  The track soars with an epic guitar solo towards the end.  Soulful vocals evokes an oldies retro vibe, as sun-soaked and honeyed tones come from the raw indie rock appeal.

A taste of West Coast fever, “California” pays tribute to the Golden State, conjuring dreamy and lush soundscapes paved with a wall of reverberating guitars and hook-driven melodies.

The brand new single comes off of the Social Gravy’s latest project, the digital 7” California / Let It Out, which was recorded at the infamous EastWest Studios in Hollywood, and is a taste of what the dynamic duo has in store for the rest of us in the near future.

Social Gravy’s wash of melodic guitar overtures and true attention to harmony makes them a mainstay of the LA rock scene.  With such duress into details, the pair shows they are staunch enthusiasts of melding the old and new into their unique indie folk rock sound.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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