Trailer for Netflix's 'Sex Education' debuts

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The trailer for Netflix's Sex Education, starring Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield, dropped yesterday and got us all kinds of excited.

Premiering on January 11, Sex Education is a Netflix original series that follows Otis (Butterfield) as he emulates his sex-therapist mother (Anderson) and sets up an underground clinic at his school. He enlists the help of a student named Maeve (Emma Mackey) and starts to fall for her.

It sets itself up as something different in the first shot of the trailer, when Anderson says to her on-screen son, “I’ve noticed you’re pretending to masturbate, and I was wondering if you wanted to talk about it.”

It looks like a raunchy teen comedy with a twist. Instead of evading strict parents, shy Otis may have to navigate mother Jean’s proud prying into his life.

But Sex Education speaks to a hot-button topic: the lack of comprehensive sex and health education at schools. Students complain about schools pushing abstinence-only agendas, saying it is inherently harmful to withhold information. Additional complaints include no coverage of same-sex intercourse, which the trailer alludes to with a few choice buzzwords: “You can’t choose who you love.”

Sex Education looks like a breath of fresh air and a funny exploration on an issue affecting the youth of today. Season one premieres exclusively on Netflix on January 11.

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