Oscars 2019 - Our predictions on who's taking home a trophy


The 91st Oscar Awards are officially underway with the nominations being announced earlier this week.

Like every year, we’re pausing to give you our predictions for who’s going to win big this year and who’s going to be going home empty-handed.

Also like every year, there’s a notable amount of snubs and surprises to be had with the academy’s picks as well — no nomination for Toni Collette in Best Actress for Hereditary is pretty disappointing, but Black Panther getting seven separate noms is pretty cool.

Nevertheless, here is our selection of who we think will go home with an Oscar this year.

Don’t forget to tune into the Oscars at 8 p.m. February 24 on ABC, then come back here to see how we did!

Best Picture:

At this point, it’s a three-legged race between Green Book, Roma and A Star is Born, with Green Book taking the slight lead. That conversation might change in the coming weeks but, for now, it looks like the Academy is going with the safest, most bland pick this year (and I’m not happy about it).

Final prediction: Green Book

Best Actor:

Best Actor might be the tightest race at the Oscars in 2019. I could easily see Christian Bale, Rami Malek, Viggo Mortensen or Bradley Cooper walking home with the award (sorry Willem Dafoe, it’s not happening this year). Given the academy’s blindly stupid love for Green Book, though, I’m betting on Mortensen.

Final prediction: Viggo Mortensen, Green Book

Best Actress:

It’s between Olivia Colman and Lady Gaga here (even though I wouldn’t be too terribly shocked if Glenn Close snuck in there, given she took the Golden Globe), and I’m not entirely sure which way the Academy is going to lean. It seems to be leaning slightly towards Lady Gaga, but it’s really a coin-toss at this point.

Final prediction: Lady Gaga, A Star is Born

Best Supporting Actress:

It’s a shame how few awards If Beale Street Could Talk got nominated for, but at least it’ll likely go home with this one. The other nominees all did fine work this year too, but this one is King’s to win.

Final prediction: Regina King, If Beale Street Could Talk

Best Supporting Actor:

While nothing would make me happier to see Adam Driver slide in there for BlackKklansman, voters have been head-over-heels in love with Mahershala Ali’s performance in Green Book, so I’d expect that to win.

Final prediction: Mahershala Ali, Green Book

Best Director:

Best Director is the one film I’d go all-in on if I was betting actual money. If Alfonso Cuarón doesn’t win this, there will be riots in the street (led by me, of course).

Final prediction: Alfonso Cuarón, Roma

Best Animated Feature Film:

While it honestly should have been nominated for Best Picture and, while we’re at it, won Best Picture (you won the number one spot on my list, Spider-Verse. Never forget that), it’s nice to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse get some love here. Of course, if it somehow loses to Incredibles 2 I will literally go nuts, but I don’t see that happening.

Final prediction: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Best Original Screenplay:

While Green Book or Roma could easily sneak in there, the writing in The Favourite is the thing that seems to stick out to most people, so I’m going with that.

Final prediction: The Favourite

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Adapted Screenplay is bound to be a close race, too. I could see it going to any one of these, even though I’m ultimately going with A Star is Born once again.

Final prediction: A Star is Born

Original Song:

Nothing in the world would make me happier to see this award to go to The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, but I’d have to be pretty naive to think it actually had a chance. Lady Gaga, you win yet again.

Final prediction: Shallow, A Star is Born

Best Foreign Language Film:

I mean. One of the nominees is also nominated for Best Picture. Is there any possible way that Roma doesn’t take this one home? No, no there is not.

Final prediction: Roma

Best Documentary Short Subject:

As is always the case, I usually don’t know a whole lot about the short film categories in the Oscars, but A Night at the Garden seems to be getting some buzz so I’ll go with that.

Final prediction: A Night at the Garden

Best Documentary Feature:

Forget what actually got nominated for Oscars for a second, where is Won’t You Be My Neighbor? and Three Identical Strangers. Missing, that’s where. Not cool, Academy. Not cool.

Final prediction: RBG

Best Production Design:

It’s got to win some awards, right? Production Design makes the most sense for Black Panther given that it’s so full of life and color.

Final prediction: Black Panther

Best Cinematography:

I could see The Favourite or Cold War sneaking in there pretty easily (what the hell is Never Look Away, by the way?), but Roma seems like a pretty safe choice here given how stunningly beautiful that movie is from start to finish.

Final prediction: Roma

Best Costume Design:

The Favourite, again, is going to give it a run for its money, but Black Panther will hopefully have this one in the bag, too.

Final prediction: Black Panther

Best Sound Editing:

The sound awards have always been my biggest weakness when it comes to the Oscars. I mean, A Quiet Place or First Man is what I’d likely vote for, but the Academy seems to often choose these at random, so I really don’t know.

Final prediction: First Man

Best Sound Mixing:

Might as well mix it up a little bit and not double down with the sound awards, because I’ll likely get them all wrong anyway.

Final prediction: A Star is Born

Best Animated Short Film:

It’s got to be Bao, right? I mean, not only is that the one most people have seen, but who didn’t have heartwarming chills when watching it?

Final prediction: Bao

Best Original Score:

It’s between Black Panther and If Beale Street Could Talk here, and I’m going to give the slight edge to Black Panther just because of all the different rhythms and beats that were simultaneously happening at once during that film.

Final prediction: Black Panther

Best Visual Effects:

It’s cute that they gave nods to things like Solo, Christopher Robin and Ready Player One, but the Academy would be insane to choose anything besides First Man here.

Final prediction: First Man

Best Film Editing:

It’s always really hard to guess who takes film editing, just because we usually don’t know what was and wasn’t edited out of the film. I’m going with Bohemian Rhapsody, I guess, just because of the way it jumps around in different timelines and stuff (even though the film itself should never have gotten this many nominations).

Final prediction: Bohemian Rhapsody

Best Makeup and Hairstyling:

It’s Vice. We all know it’s Vice. Easy come, easy go.

Final prediction: Vice

Best Live Action Short:

Like the Documentary Short, don’t quote me on this one, but I guess I’ll go with Detainment (for reasons, of course).

Final prediction: Detainment

How do you think is going to win big at the Oscars this year? Any snubs you’re really upset about? Let us know in the comments below!

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