Merritt Gibson: Indie pop singer-songwriter concocts swaths of upbeat and hook-driven melodies on debut album, 'Eyes On Us'

Merritt Gibson

19 year old indie pop singer-songwriter Merritt Gibson has been penning songs since the age of 14.  Gibson brings to the table her youth and an exuberance that is insurmountable.  In her debut album, Eyes On Us, Gibson has put together a hook-driven record that is 1-part personalized storytelling and 1-part confessional.  The album is written like diary entries filled with stories from school, friends, relationships, and everything in between.

Eyes On Us opens up to “When You Were Mine” that starts off with an upbeat pop melody reeling with nostalgia of young love.  This powerhouse pop anthem courses with a harmonious piano melody that is also paved by electric guitars, bass, and drums.  Gibson’s apt vocals will really take you there with a great sense of immediacy.  Reverberating guitar riffs go on to create an electric soundscape.  The track is tinged with longing and regret.

On the title-track, “Eyes on Us,” the song opens up with deft strumming from the acoustic guitar and a melodious piano tune.  The track has an infectious pop melody about the nerves and trepidation upon entering a brand new relationship.

“Truth and Myth” is a resounding ballad with quiet treading effects.  This is a dynamic song touched with melancholy.  About the intimacy in sharing confidences in the hush of night, a lovely piano melody evokes feelings of longing and loneliness.  The track burns with a mesmerizing cadence.

“Burning Red Hot” contains reverberating electric guitars that create a wall of sound towards the beginning of this pop rock song.  Next, the bass, drums, and percussions jump in.  This melodious track has a riveting flow, which is about a toxic relationship that turns into a feverish obsession.

“I Heard” soars with an airy cadence.  Bouncy beats from the drums paves this song.  A catchy and upbeat track that contains a dreamy sound, the guitars and bass send a strong rhythmic pulse throughout this song.  Towards the end a melancholic piano melody traces the track, stringing in tales of betrayal and revenge.

“My Best Friends” is filled with a happening rock vibe.  Gibson’s vocals dance with passion throughout the song.  About sisterhood, friendship, and good times, Gibson’s voice is packed with attitude and sass, as she sings about how she’d never choose a boy over her best friends.

“Cold War II” has traces of a somber piano melody that simply accompanies Gibson’s vocals.  The track contains a stripped down feel.  Eventually the drums, electric guitar, bass, and drums joins in on the arrangement.  A deep metaphor about love suddenly gone awry, a relationship meets its end and the aftermath is simply devastating.

“Memories” is about late nights lingering about the past against one’s better judgement.  An acoustic guitar alone accompanies the song towards the beginning at first with Gibson’s vocals.  Next the cadence of a piano trickles in on this simply rendered acoustic track.  Listeners will be drawn to the simple arrangement.

“Lovesick” begins with the sounds of the acoustic guitar and electric guitar that jumpstarts this song.  The track bounces with an upbeat and sunny appeal.  The song has an extremely catchy feel.  About living and experiencing young love, towards mid-way into the track an epic electric guitar solo sounds off.

On “Area Code,” a gorgeous piano melody fills the beginning of this song that solely accompanies Gibson’s vocals.  A stripped down feel pervades this track.  The piano melody and Gibson’s vocals together are irresistible as she sings with insistent about the complications of love.

About living with void of abandonment and heartbreak, “Ghost Town” follows through with a melancholy piano melody that courses through this riveting acoustic song.  Filled with an airy feel, the sounds of elegant and lush strings tracks this track.  A haunting and mesmerizing song, some ambient synths go on this create a dreamy soundscape.

“Faraway” starts off with some deft strumming on the acoustic guitar.  An emotional track jam-packed with a stripped down feel, a piano melody trickles in as the ballad pulses with drama and dynamism.  About the sense of permanence and transparency that can erupt in a sheer moment, the song is filled with emotion and power.

On these compelling set of songs, Gibson displays a sophistication beyond her years.  There is a definite spark to these indie pop rock anthems and deep treading ballads.  In these highly relatable tracks, Gibson pens these songs with the exuberance of youth and a vulnerability that is aptly conveyed in each and every one of these well-crafted songs.

Like a breath of fresh air Merritt Gibson gives us this astounding collection that will be sure to impress.  Each and every one of these songs standalones with vibrancy and uniqueness.  On Eyes On Us, Gibson has concocted a compilation of gems that are great to revisit if you want to recreate a mood or simply need something to relax to.

A solid release filled with uplifting pop anthems and unforgettable melodic tunes, this really polished production resounds with spontaneity and a rocking sound.

The up and rising artist is able to make a connection with these addicting pop tunes that will be sure to hook.

Merritt Gibson is a gifted artist with many great things in front of her.

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