Mark Peters and The Dark Band releases intense and heartfelt folk pop single, "Sum Of All Parts"

Mark Peters and The Dark Band

In anticipation of their EP, Sum Of All Parts, Mark Peters and The Dark Band is releasing their title-track and music video Jan. 14th.

Music was an integral part of Mark Peters’ upbringing.  Growing up in South London in the eighties, Peters was exposed to a great deal of music.  His father was a musician, and around the age of 9, he began by picking up his father’s guitar and started to teach himself how to play using old sixties music books.  By the time he was in his teens, he started innovating and experimenting with his own sound and writing songs.

During his twenties, he spent time playing for the band, Seven Breaths, a secretive, London-based indie group, in which he was the co-writer and guitarist until 2007, when the band dissolved.

It was toward his thirties that Peters began to seriously focus and embark on his solo career.  He released his debut EP, Spirits, in which he worked with producer Dan Fisher from Audio Heart Records along with several of the top local musicians in the industry to create an album that showed Peters’ chops on the guitar as well as showcase his songwriting abilities and talents as a singer-songwriter.

“Sum Of All Parts” is Peters’ first single to come off the EP under the same name.  Pooling together his efforts with his latest project, Mark Peters and The Dark Band, a four piece band that enlists the talents of Fabian Natter (drums), Martin Burtscher (electric guitar), Markus Manahl (bass), and Mark Peters (vocals and acoustic guitar), the group is releasing their brand new EP Jan. 28th.

“Sum Of All Parts” is a great folk and pop song.  The MV follows a pair of lovers on their trysts throughout the city.  Peter's vocals are filled with passion as he sings about relationships, life, and love, in general.

The trajectory of the MV shows the couple in their daily day to day.  "Sum Of All Parts" is impacted right from the start with a striking sense of immediacy, as the MV follows the couple even as their love story unravels.  Peters’ vocals provides an apt narration to their many celebrations as well as guiding them through the fissures and fractures that lies within every relationship.

A slow-burning ballad, the great indie-pop vibe includes the coalescing of guitars, bass, and drums that creates for a pretty dynamic effect.

This is a lovely song and MV.  Viewers will be caught up by the sharp observations relayed in the lyrics and shown in the couple’s engrossing love story.  The track provides for a soaring and ambient feel in the chorus.  Peters’ vocal range will really take you there.  The MV provides an introspective look into a couple’s daily routine, offering audiences a multi-faceted view of a relationship.

With painstaking detail, “The Sum To All Parts” narrates this couples’ reality as sometimes their day to day can get a little too much.  The music provides for a powerful effect further impacting audience reactions.

About the new EP, Peters explains, “Sum Of All Parts EP is definitely a more personal set of songs to me and one that I couldn’t have written as a younger man.  It explores the inner conflicts and personal struggles that one goes through as one ages especially the conflicts within relationships.  The underlying message of the EP is to use these experiences to your advantage.  Strangely enough, I only actually realized what the songs meant after the EP was finished.  It must have reflected what I was going through at the time.”

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