Lillimure: Westchester-based alternative folk/soul pop singer-songwriter establishes a folk blend with R&B and hip hop notes on brand new single, "WDYTM"


Hailing from Westchester, New York, 19 year old alternative folk/soul pop singer-songwriter Lillimure undresses her R&B sound combining a unique blend of hip hop with folk notes and some soulful and intimate vocals.

The soul songstress is unleashing her latest single, “WDYTM.”  The new single opens up with some airy and ethereal vocals coming from Lillimure, giving the track a highly atmospheric and ambient vibe.  Next the song shifts, offering up a groovy and funky beat.  This is an upbeat and catchy track that incorporates a bit of a lounge cadence.  With a mellow and relaxing vibe, chill and smooth jazzy layers pervade along with a soulful appeal.

Reverberating guitars fill this song along with the bass, drums, percussions, and horns.  This is an energized track with an amped and charged feel packed with hip hop and R&B nodes.

Lillimure’s vocals brandishes a style that is both vulnerable and elegant at the same time.  This is an emotional and powerful song, projecting a tender-sounding cadence.

“WDYTM” is a taste to what Lillimure is releasing in June.  If the new single is of any indicator, the new record will be sure to astound and mesmerize.

With “WDYTM,” Lillimure has created an honest and intimate listening experience for us.  Her personalized storytelling, evoked by her folk roots in her R&B/hip hop sound denotes a unique talent that is steadily harnessed by authenticity and artistic merit.

Have a listen of Lillimure’s latest single today in order to be prepared for what the up and rising artist has in store for us in the upcoming months.

According to Lillimure, “I’m particularly excited to show this new material because it’s a little different from the music I have out now, and I’m excited to share my growth with the world.  “WDYTM” stands for “Why do you tease me” and it’s about the realization that someone you used to idealize is not all that they seem to be.  It’s about growing from disappointments and learning to let things happen in their own time.”

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