Lil T-Shirt explores dark avenues with latest single, "Summer"

Lil T-Shirt

Lil T-Shirt is a native of Sweden, whose music is influenced by the subject matter of young love, Arthur Russel, lo-house, Steve Reich, and rap music.  All this altogether coalesces in order to create a dreamy soundscape of emo R&B pop.

Raised in the hardcore and punk rock music scene, Lil T-Shirt started experimenting with his own brand of emotional R&B pop using spliced samples, auto-tuned vocals, and a retinue of soundscapes.

His brand new single release mirrors this intention for innovation.  “Summer” is Lil T-Shirt’s latest single, which offers a look into the burgeoning artist’s seamless journey into soundscapes enriched with hip hop/R&B and a touch of emo rap.

For the MV for “Summer,” Lil T-Shirt collaborates with Swedish film-maker Ottilia Wahl on this dark music video that explores a love story gone awry.

“Summer” encompasses some rousing music that is altogether very sensual.  The sound captures an invigorating R&B and hip hop flavor as decadent beats simmer in the background of this track.

The MV follows a lover and his girlfriend traveling down a road.  They are met up with the girlfriend’s friends, where they stage a sacrificial rite that is reminiscent of pagan practices.  There are ominous tones in the track although this is a lighthearted theme.  The music video matches the dark symbolism in the cadence.  Towards the end, boyfriend is tossed in the dark muddled waters, as if signifying the mysterious opening of the MV and his mystifying end.

"Summer" has a somber near melancholy tone to it.  The mysterious MV will leave viewers with many questions.  Questions that remain even with the closing of the MV, leaving listeners intrigued by the outcome of the video.

Audiences may come away perplexed by the end of the music video.  This isn’t your usual reaction to summer.  With an entirely different take on the theme, "Summer" takes us on a journey through an unusual dream-like motif of the summer months that is altogether enthralling and highly compelling.

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