Josephine McAdam - Actress and Rising Gaming Star Talks Candidly about her career and Twitch

Josephine McAdam, gaming, twitch

Josephine McAdam is a half French, half Scottish actress who has had a broad career in shorts, features, web-series and television, including a recurring role in The Leftovers.

Mcadam has won the Grand Jury Award & Lone Star Award SXSW for her work in Tower, as well as well as Stanley Film Fest 2015 Jury Award & Audience Award for her lead role in the short Babysitter Murders.

We spoke to her about her blossoming career in gaming as an up-and-coming star on Twitch.

James Smith spoke to the lovely and talented Josephine McAdam about her venture into Twitch and her latest projects.


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James: Hello Josephine.

Josephine: Hey!

James: Where do you hail from?

Josephine: I was born in Coventry, England.

James: Cool. For those who don’t know, What are you know for?

Josephine: I am known for my acting, gaming and love of tea.

James: Why do you love tea ? is that a European thing or other reason?

Josephine: Hahaha, my dad is Scottish - I just grew up always understanding that tea is a basic Scottish need throughout one's day.

James: I see. Did you go to school for acting?

Josephine: I went to the University of Texas at Austin and majored in Theatre and Dance, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with an acting focus at 19.

James: Impressive. Theatrical dance or a lot of styles of dance? Do you have a favorite acting technique?

Josephine: The major is in Theatre and Dance just because it's grouped as one thing - but I didn't take any dance classes. Ha Ha. I don’t have any skill in that. I don't have a favorite acting technique no.

James: I also went to a performing arts school and can’t dance that well.

Josephine: Ha Ha.

James: You play a lot of games on Twitch, do you remember the first game you played?

Josephine:  The first game I remember playing and that impacted me most was Dungeons & Dragons. I was so SO lucky that my dad would be the Dungeon Master for my brother and me when I was growing up! There is no better dungeon master than one's father - someone who really cares about your experience and wants you to have a great time, while also challenging you with puzzles and critical thinking! I still play D&D to this day!

James: Neat! How did you get into Twitch?

Josephine: Oh! I got into Twitch thanks to my friend Ryon Day. I was still in Austin at the time and he had mentioned this thing called Twitch that he and his sister had started getting in to! He suggested I should come over and join sometime, so I did... I was already playing video games quite regularly so it seemed quite natural to just start streaming it myself! Since then the community has grown and given me such support - it's been a wonderful experience and great boost to my morale to have so many folks cheering me on in my acting career!

James: Twitch has some great communities.

Josephine: For me, Twitch is a beautiful outlet that lets me escape Hollywood for a bit each week and get to chat with a like-minded, kind, considerate community. It's a good balance with an acting career as it allows me to dictate my own schedule when auditions or filming comes up - and lets me share a hobby (gaming) that I've always been interested in with others! I also love having a way to do charity drives and community work even with a smaller name (before I'm ridiculously famous and successful of course ;)) - the amounts of money we've been able to raise never ceases to amaze me and makes me feel very humbled and grateful to get to have the support of such a special community.

James: Let's say you became the next big thing like Jennifer Lawrence. Will you stop Twitch streaming/acting and say, I've achieved all my dreams or will you continue to build on that success?

Josephine: I would still Twitch stream when I want to every now and then for fun anyhow. No, I don't imagine I'll ever stop acting. I don't think you ever stop having something to achieve and reach - there's always more people out there to reach, and more causes to fight for, I don't have plans of stopping if I have any choice in the matter!

James: What motivates you and/or is your inspiration?

Josephine: People motivate me - I just want to entertain, reach, and share that emotion with others- whether that's joyful, full of laughter, frightening, or sad and cathartic. For me, entertainment media is such a great way to reach people and a gateway into other viewpoints and ways of life. With being able to reach people, I also hope that some of my work helps them too - perspective, moving on, laughter, motivation... I've found you never know what will inspire someone or help them through tough times. That's what's great about entertainment - it affects everyone differently, I love being able to see that!

James: Did you plan your career path or Ha Ha! Who plans?

Josephine: When I plan things in my career I try not to be too strict - my main point is to always be growing - that each year is better than the last. I'm lucky enough to say that has worked so far for me. Sometimes I will give myself one goal a year to hit - I think it's important to be realistic and give yourself the time to reach those things as this is the kind of career where there is no right or wrong, there is no one path to get to what you want.

James: Well said! What projects are you working on that you can talk about?

Josephine: I just got back from Austin working on my latest film Scare Package - a horror anthology feature. The segment I will be in is called Horror Hypothesis, directed by Aaron Koontz. It was so fun to get to go back to Austin and work with friends in a familiar city. I'm excited for folks to see the finished product - it was so much fun to shoot, and had such a talented cast and crew behind it. They've got a Twitter and Facebook Page (Scare Package) that you can follow for updates!

Another film that will be coming out soon is "Why Not Choose Love: A Mary Pickford Manifesto." I had but a small part playing Beth Fairbanks (Douglas Fairbanks' wife), but it was a wonderful script and a story that hasn't been told yet about how one of Hollywood's leading influencers, Mary Pickford, shaped it. The sets were gorgeous, and I felt very lucky to get to work with such amazing actors as Sophie Kennedy Clark and Luke Arnold.

James: That sounds really good! If you could make any form of entertainment, what would it be? A Game? Show? Movie? Music?

Josephine: Hmm, I don't have a preference in form of entertainment when it comes to film or TV - if I could live in either of those worlds, I'd be happy!

James: Is there a dream role that you want?

Josephine: As far as dream roles go - there isn't a specific one I'd love to be, but rather I'd love to be able to regularly work in Sci Fi and Fantasy worlds! My dream is to go to San Diego Comic-Con one day with a big project on a panel...  I am a nerd, I love nerds, and I want to make content for us too! I've currently been obsessed with Westworld... any involvement on that project would be a dream come true in my books.

James: Indeed! Westworld is a crazy good show. If you weren't an actor, what do you think would be doing?

Josephine: If I wasn’t an actor...I honestly don’t know. It is such a hard question to answer. I’ve been privileged enough to never have to think about it. I imagine I would still want to be in a field that allows for creativity and helping others. I thought I’d want to be a doctor for a while...but, it didn’t ignite the same passion in me as performance did.

James: How can people keep track of your acting progress?

Josephine: I try to keep my social media active with what films and projects I'm currently working on, mixed with some day to day silliness. I'm on Instagram and Twitter as JCVIM (my initials, yes my name is a bit long..!) and have a facebook page as Josephine McAdam.

James: Understood. Thank you for your time and shine on you crazy diamond.

Josephine: Thank you!!

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