Heather Gruber: LA singer-songwriter's debut album, 'Dance Into The Desert' is driven by uke-led melodies

Heather Gruber

LA singer-songwriter Heather Gruber is known for her ukulele-driven folk pop rock compositions that dives into a sunny cadence that is altogether bright and enthralling.

Gruber grew up in the hills of East Tennessee with roots in mountain folk and southern gospel music.  She even toured with her grandparents in a gospel trio towards the formative years of her childhood.

Gruber went on to study Music Business with a concentration in percussion performance at Anderson University in Indiana.  The year after college was jam-packed with events – she went on to go on a mission trip to India, recorded an EP, and moved out to California.  Since California, she has grown into her own sound, developing a unique combination of blue eyed soul, indie pop, folk/acoustic and adult contemporary all her own.

In her debut album, Dance Into The Desert, Gruber askes the perplexing questions of life with a child-like simplicity.  Filled with wisdom and range, Gruber takes the listener on an arresting journey through acoustic melodies that will brighten and invigorate your day.

Dance In The Desert opens up with “Beauty Outside The Lines,” an arresting display of folk rock pop.  This is resounding music with a catchy and upbeat vibe.  Gruber sings with enthusiasm.  The music and vocals are both very energized with a sunny and bright cadence.  This is an uplifting song with a positive message.  A piano-based track with the sounds of the electric guitar, ukulele, bass, and drums coalescing in the background, this is pretty dynamic music.

“Ready Or Not” is filled with an infectious melody.  The cadences of the ukulele jumpstarts this track with the piano, bass, and drums gradually joining in.  This is a catchy song that pervades with an upbeat melody.  A warm and heartfelt track.

“Running On Empty” is a ukulele-led track.  The simple arrangement of just the ukulele at first accompanies Gruber’s vocals.  Then some strings and a piano melody joins in as well as drums and percussions.  Simply a dynamic song that resounds with a compelling sound.

“Lost In Space” starts off with the sounds of the electric guitar, bass, drums, and percussions that jumpstart this happening ballad.  The track has an upbeat and catchy sound as well as a dramatic cadence.  The song contains a touch of melancholy as Gruber talks about needing a bit of direction to see her through.

“Lost My Halo” has a somber timbre to it.  The track starts off with a piano tune that alone accompanies Gruber’s vocals.  Next the sound of lush strings joins in.  The song is a wash of melancholy.  About falling from grace and dealing with the aftermath, the track follows through with a soothing vibe.

“How Do You Feel About Now?” has some beatific cadences coming from the ukulele.  The song offers up an island and tropical flavor, as the ukulele alone accompanies Gruber’s vocals on this track.  “How Do You Feel About Now?” is an infectious acoustic track.  Gradually the sounds of the strings joins in on the chorus.  This is an enchanting song with a highly infectious tune.

“Let It Fly” starts off with the cadences of the ukulele opening up this track.  Next the coalescing of electric guitar, bass, and drums struts in.  The song has an addicting pop tune with upbeat and catchy vibes.  A great track to let loose to, the song pervades with a contagious appeal.  The track has an energized and dynamic sound to it.

On “Perfect Day,” the acoustic guitar and the ukulele starts off this song.  A bright, warm, and sunny sound pervades.  Filled with an uplifting and positive message, the song is infused with an upbeat and cheerful vibe.

On “Dancing On The Edge,” this is a ukulele-led track with the coalescing of the piano, bass, and drums in the background.  About living on the edge on the verge of a breakdown and just find with that, the song contains upbeat and catchy tunes.

“Letting Go” flows with some melancholy riffs coming from the ukulele.  Some elegant strings also accompany Gruber’s vocals.  This captivating track is about moving forward and building yourself after building a pyre to the past.

“Stepping Outside” is a catchy and upbeat song.  A happening ukulele melody jumpstarts this track as a piano tune sidles in.  This song is about breaking free out of your self-contained ‘prisons’ and establishing your true self.

The closer, “What’s So Good About Being Young?” contains an upbeat and contagious melody.  A great infectious track, the sound of the ukulele, bass, electric guitar, and drums sound off on this track.  With a melodic-driven hook, the song asks the philosophical question ‘what’s so good about being young?’  The track elicits an enchanting and arresting vibe.

A really magnetic set of songs that will really put a smile on your face, Dance Into The Desert is a light-hearted dance across the folk pop, singer-songwriter, and Adult Contemporary genres.

Warm and heartfelt, these songs are simply delightful.  Arresting and heartwarming in the way that the summer months may feel, Heather Gruber’s debut album is something great to escape with.

These enchanting songs will really grab your attention with their captivating vibe.  This is an eye-opening album that embraces the more upbeat side of life.

Have a listen today and let’s hope the good vibes rub off on you!

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