‘Gotham’ Season Premiere recap: ‘Legend of the Dark Knight: Year Zero’


Gotham: No Man’s Land

Gotham premieres its final season in a pretty bleak place of the storyline.

It has been 87 days since Gotham has been completely isolated from everything. Jim is on the radio begging for help from the government that has abandoned them. We find out that Gotham has been divided into territories. Penguin controls City Hall and produces ammunition. Barbara and The Sirens control areas near the club and have control over the food. Mr. Freeze controls the north, Scarecrow controls the west and the GCPD has become a 10-block refugee camp.

Selina is on a rough road to recovery. She needs an immediate operation to help her condition. Bruce has been at her side since the beginning of this. Riddler is continuing to struggle with his blackouts. He has no idea what has been happening to him and why he can’t remember anything. Bruce knows they are running out of food and desperately need supplies. They are doing everything they can to keep the civilians alive.

Penguin and Barbara try to work out trades of ammunition for food. Tabitha is still upset with Penguin over him killing Butch and wants revenge. Scarecrow and his crew make moves at the GCPD and the clinic trying to steal food and medicine. Scarecrow attacks Jim and his crew is able to make off with some of the food. Bruce tries to help fight off some of Scarecrow’s crew at the clinic with the help of some fancy new night vision goggles from Mr. Lucius Fox.

They realize that they only have enough food for another week. They have to keep cutting the rations and Bruce tells them that hope is coming. Bruce tells them he is going to get a chopper to bring in supplies that can help them survive a bit longer until help finally returns to them. Penguin and Barbara are both respectively arguing about having to trade with the other. They know they need to but they don’t really want to. Penguin also knows that he must improve his factories as his bullets have been misfiring. They both hear the sounds of a helicopter arriving in Gotham.

Everyone sees the chopper flying in and Jim and Bruce are horrified as they see someone with an RPG shoot down the chopper. It’s a race to the supplies. They have crashed in the part of town run by the Low Boyz gang. Penguin arrives first and dispatches them and is quickly met by Jim and the GCPD. They argue about who is taking the supplies as Tabitha sneaks up and starts shooting Penguin’s men. She gets Penguin at gunpoint and is ready to avenge Butch’s death but her gun misfires thanks to one of Penguin’s poorly made bullets. He then pulls out a knife and stabs Tabitha in the chest. Barbara is horrified and screams in agony as chaos ensures and a shootout begins.

The shootout begins as Bruce knocks out some of Penguin’s thugs and steals some ammo for Jim and Bullock. Penguin hits Barbara in the crossfire and is ready to take her out after she denies his peace offering. Jim then tricks Penguin into a fake deal and is able to get the upper hand and shoot Penguin in the leg (his bad leg that was finally healed). Penguin and his men retreat as Jim is able to recover all of the supplies. Jim also tells Bruce that he has a place among them at the GCPD.

Selina is having a very difficult time dealing with her situation. She has tried several times to kill herself and is in pure agony. A sketchy looking nurse keeps telling Bruce that to cure her he needs to find “the witch.” I have a feeling we will be meeting this witch soon. Riddler continues to struggle with his blackouts and is growing more unstable by the minute. I’m also wondering what happened to Dr. Leslie Thompkins?

Barbara says her final goodbye to Tabitha and proclaims that she will kill Penguin if it is the last thing she does. Penguin is furious that Jim has wounded his healed leg and puts a bounty out for anyone that can kill Jim Gordon.

Jim has a feeling that Jeremiah could still be in play after finding his map of Gotham with the phrase “Ha Ha Ha’ on it. We notice a masked woman spying on Jim and creeping around. She could perhaps be one of Jeremiah’s followers? Jim gives a motivational speech reminding the GCPD that they are still there to give the people of Gotham hope that better times are coming.

What did you think of Gotham’s final season premiere?

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.

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