Gotham recap: ‘Legend of the Dark Knight: Ruin’


Gotham is in typically bad shape. It is the aftermath of the explosion at Haven and everyone is in shock. The building is in flames as Jim is scrambling to help those in need. Jim reports that over 300 people were killed in the explosion. Jim knows any of the gangs could be behind this. He tries to control all of the angry people while Bullock has a small suspicion that Barbara might be responsible/know who is behind this.

Jim goes to see Barbara and she denies any involvement and Jim suspects that she is worried that the Sirens territory could be the next target. Barbara agrees that the Haven bomber needs to be stopped. She heard that the Haven bomber could be located in the Northeast corner of town where a suspect was spotted after leaving Haven. He returns to GCPD to find Penguin and his crew, locked and loaded and ready to help Jim take out the Haven bomber.

Bruce is still shackled to the door inside Jeremiah’s church. He fights off some Jeremiah followers and then gets a nice surprise rescue from Alfred. We also find that Selina is sneaking around Jeremiah’s church trying to locate him. We finally see Jeremiah trying to motivate his workers as they seem to preparing for something important. He is also updated about Bruce Wayne and Selina trying to infiltrate his operation. Jeremiah laughs it off and continues to motivate his followers.    

Riddler is still struggling with his blackouts. He wakes out to find the numbers “1215” written on his hand. He is still confused and figures that the “1215” could be an inmate number. He sneaks into GCPD and goes looking for the inmate records and is confronted by Lucius. He offers a deal…Riddler’s forensic knowledge and Lucius will give him the records. Two of Gotham’s smartest men trying to solve this case.

Jim, Bullock, Penguin and their respective groups go to confront the Haven bomber. They recognize a familiar voice and find Victor Zsasz held up inside the building. Victor claims he is innocent and they open fire on the window as a diversion which allows Jim to sneak inside the building and spear Victor and slap a pair of handcuffs on him. They interrogate Victor and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Jim gets a call from Lucius and they find out that says the Haven bomber used an RPG and was located on a rooftop. They know that Zsasz was on the ground so he can’t be behind this. Penguin isn’t having this excuse and he takes Victor into custody and demands to put him on trial.   

Selina is still sneaking around Jeremiah’s church and she finally finds him still trying to motivate his followers. She quickly sneaks up on him and stabs him repeatedly, supposedly getting her revenge. Bruce and Alfred arrive and help Selina escape. Is this really the end of the road for Jeremiah?

The Trial of Victor Zsasz has begun. Penguin and the group of people all believe that Victor is guilty. Jim arrives and says that Victor is innocent because he was not located on the rooftop. The crowd doesn’t believe it and they demand for Victor’s death. Moments before he is set to be executed, Jim and Bullock come to his rescue. Penguin teases Jim, saying that he is losing control of his people and that they are losing faith in him. They drive Victor out and after Jim debates engaging him in a duel, decides to let him go. Bullock tells Jim he needs to get a hold of himself.

Riddler finally gets the inmate records but the numbers on his hand only give him a dead inmate. He spots an old woman at an apartment across the way that has the number “1215” on the door. He confronts the old woman who says he was the one who blew up Haven. She knocks him on the head and the memories come rushing back to him. Riddler finally accepts what he has done and then he pushes the old woman out the window.

Jim is drinking alone in his office when Barbara visits him with another lead on the potential Haven bomber. Jim is not in the mood and wants Barbara to leave. The tension between them finally catches up and they share an intimate moment just like old times...



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