‘Gotham’ recap: ‘Legend of the Dark Knight: Penguin, Our Hero’


Penguin is quite surprised to hear that many of his people have been leaving him. They have been defecting to the safe zone Haven that was created by Jim Gordon. He knows that something needs to change and decides to use what is left of the Street Demons and the other gangs to take a visit to Haven.   

Selina is slowly adjusting to her new situation and continues to be haunted by her visions of Jeremiah. She is on a mission to find Jeremiah and will even brave “The Dark Zone” to find him. She enlists Bruce for help and Bruce only agrees to go of they do it the right way. They will bring in Jeremiah to face justice. I’m not sure how well Selina is going to be able to resist when she finally faces Jeremiah.

Haven is doing an excellent job of sheltering the refugees but the word is spreading quickly and Jim looks exhausted but is determined to make everything work out. Jim thanks the young boy that he rescued from the Soothsayers and he quickly gets word that Penguin and the gangs are on the way to Haven. The typical standoff between Jim and Penguin begins and Penguin is smart to call Jim’s bluff about not having enough ammunition. A rare moment where we see the GCPD stand down.   

Selina and Bruce wander through The Dark Zone and have a quick scuffle with some wild gangs running through the street. Selina is able to beat Jeremiah’s location out of one of the thugs. They find out he is located Uptown North and they discover “The Church of Jeremiah.” Selina goes in with the rest of the followers while Bruce sneaks around looking for clues.

Penguin locks up Jim and promises to destroy Haven while Jim is helpless. Penguin’s plan does quickly backfire as the gangs quickly lock him right next to Jim. Jim has sent Bullock to recruit Barbara for some help. Jim and Penguin argue like old friends until they use a distraction from his young friend who slips him a key so they will be able to sneak out.

Bruce continues searching through the building and finds a hallway full of dead bodies. The followers all go into an empty pool to play a twisted game of Russian Roulette. The best part of this entire scene is we are treated to what we are to assume is Harley Quinn and she is outstanding. Selina isn’t willing to play the game and then begins fighting with Harley. She is ready to kill her when Bruce shows up and begs her to stop. The distraction allows Harley to stab Selina and run away. This infuriates Selina who is tried of doing things Bruce’s way. She handcuffs Bruce to the door and is off to find Jeremiah on her own.

Jim and Penguin surprise the gang and are going to capture them when Penguin decides to take out a few of them for good measure. He is delighted to her everyone chanting his name, making him the hero he has always wanted to be. Jim promotes his young friend to deputy and goes outside to finally settle things with Penguin…for now. Barbara and Bullock arrive with Barbara ready to shoot Penguin dead. A massive explosion erupts behind them and Jim is horrified to look up and find Haven up in flames…

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX.


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