‘Gotham’ recap: ‘Legend of the Dark Knight: Trespassers’

Jim and Bullock find out that a group called the Soothsayers are behind the missing children. Jim wants to go and rescue the rest of the kidnapped children but Bullock reminds him they must be careful because of the bounty that is on his head. The mainland also gives Jim some more bad news that they will not be delivering supplies until Gotham’s airspace is deemed safe. He knows he must go see Barbara to try and make a deal for some vehicles.

Bruce is trying to locate “The Witch” and stumbles across a mansion covered in plant life. He finds a group of men who said they trapped the witch inside. Everyone around them is dead and Bruce immediately knows that it’s Ivy. She tries to beg Bruce to release her and that she is innocent. She tells Bruce about a seed that has magical powers that can heal. This obviously is intriguing to Bruce.

Barbara is drinking her pain away at her club when she gets a visit from Jim. He needs a favor from her in the form of transportation. She offers to give him some trucks and she is still planning her revenge against Penguin. They arrive in the dark zone and are looking for the kidnapped children. We find that the kidnapped children have been living horrible conditions. Jim confronts the Soothsayers and is able to get them out of there before your typical Gotham shootout ensues.

Edward’s demons continue to be getting the best of him. He wakes up thinking he has solved his sleepwalking problem. He finds out this is false once he finds a kidnapped member of the Street Demon’s gang in his bathtub. Riddler was seeking information. He does a second interrogation and wants to know where the Street Demon’s base is located. I’m wondering (like Edward) why he is so curious about finding the gang’s hideout.

Jim and Bullock and the kids try to keep evading the Soothsayers. They sneak into an abandoned hotel and check the place out. Bullock finds some human remains in the basement and takes off running to find Jim. They find out that the ghost/mother has been taking care of the children. Jim and Bullock are briefly trapped in a room where they confront this ghost. She appears, claims to be the mother of everyone. This is a quick exit as they quickly leave that house.         

Bruce escorts Ivy outside where she makes quick work of dispatching the men. She tells Bruce that she doesn’t care about Selina’s health since the destroyed the Lazarus water. Bruce promises to leave Ivy alone if she helps him find this seed. Ivy is able to locate this seed and she warns Bruce that the seed should probably cure Selina but that it will change her forever. Fans of DC Comics knows what this means…

Jim and Bullock are trying to safely navigate back to the GCPD compound as they are once again confronted by the Soothsayers. Several gangs are about to battle of Jim’s life when Barbara arrives and saves the day. It seems she wants to form a temporary alliance with the common goal to kill Penguin. They make it back to the GCPD compound where he knows they have more work to do.

Edward arrives at the Street Demon’s base and everyone is dead. “Penguin was here” is written on the wall. Bruce meets Alfred and they give Selina the pill. It looks like it isn’t working as Selina gives an emotional background on her and Ivy’s childhood. She then has seizure and goes into shock. Bruce goes back and finds out that the pill worked and Selina is able to walk and feels better than before. He gives her a hug and we slowly see her eyes start to turn into green cat eyes. Perfect foreshadowing for Catwoman!

Gotham airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. only on FOX

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