David Browning: Canadian modern pop artist delves into exciting electropop tunes on EP, 'Now You See Me'

David Browning

South African born Canadian modern pop artist David Browning has always been musically inclined.  Throughout his career practicing medicine aboard, Browning has been writing, playing, and performing music throughout his journeys whether it be in a cabin on a Disney cruise ship to recording studios in Bali, Indonesia, or helping band in high schools and arranging choral music at Universities – music has been a lifelong passion for the up and rising pop artist.

For his debut solo release, Now You See Me, Browning is releasing an EP that ties in the singer-songwriter’s experiences with travel and medicine and evokes a sound that surrounds around the traditional arrangements of keyboards/synths, piano, programmed instruments, and percussion.  The results are titillating with a sonic display that coincides with the best radio hits of today.

Now You See Me opens up with “Stay Over” that starts off with some melodious keys that pave this song.  The track is filled with some smashing percussions that is bursting with some amped energy.  Soaring synths make this song electric.  Bouncy beats also offer an atmospheric vibe.  A happening electropop vibe persists throughout the track as a moody vibe makes this a dynamic electronic song.  The track resounds with an ambient soundscape.  A catchy and upbeat electronic song, the track is filled with a pressing sense of urgency.  Packed with dramatic lyricism and exciting electronic vibes with piano and synth elements, the song asks their lover to stay for just a little while longer.

“Call Me When You’re Single” begins with a melodious piano tune.  Browning’s vocals are executed in a fast-paced husky whisper, giving off an intimate appeal.  The chorus is upbeat and energized as the song progresses into a melody driven piece filled with catchy components.  Some strings also trace this track, giving it a symphonic element.  The song dives into an energetic dance vibe.  An exciting piano melody courses throughout the track as an amped and charged electropop feel paves this song.

On “Always Inside,” there is a pressing sense to this ballad that resonates with a slow-treading feel.  This is a slow-burning track with an atmospheric and soaring appeal.  This soulful rendition contains an airy feel to it.  Browning’s vocal, here, are very soulful and electric.  Synths and electronic beats goes on to create an ambient feel.  In the background, a piano melody and strings can be faintly detected.

These are soulful pop songs that will appeal to radio lovers everywhere.  Browning’s vocals on this EP are simply delightful – a balance of soul and of the electric.  Browning sings with passion on this album.  His voice exudes intense emotions and harnesses a powerful vocal range.

The songs on Now You See Me weighs into the proximity of love and relationships whether they be within your grasp or just burgeoning – David Browning relates with listeners everywhere with his raw and electrifying talent.

On his debut release, Browning collaborated with Grammy award winning producer Ian Prince to create a dynamic set of songs on, Now You See Me, an electropop EP reminiscent of Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue, and Sam Smith.


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