Chris Lastovicka highlights two singles off classical remix album, 'Fortune Has Turned (Remix)'

Chris Lastovicka

According to Fanfare Magazine, Chris Lastovicka’s music is known for its “power and refined craft.”  His compositions are like a force of nature themselves, oftentimes luminous and haunting all at once.

Lastovicka returns to the scene with a brand new classical remix album, entitled, Fortune Has Turned (Remix). 

The first two singles to come off the album are “The 7th Chapter of Job (Remix)” and “The End Of Tyranny (Remix).”

On “The 7th Chapter of Job (Remix),” lush strings provide a moody soundscape, showcasing a moving display of symphonic finishes.  The piano trickles in, casting a lovely melody, as the strings evoke some ominous overtones.  Choral vocals add a celestial element to the orchestral track, adding a heavenly glaze.  This is a hypnotic and haunting orchestrated song.  The instrumentals give off a dramatic effect, eliciting a somber and foreboding feeling.

“The End Of Tyranny (Remix)” has an energetic piano tune that turns this track into a melodic driven piece.  Next the strings sidles in, evoking a powerful display of emotions.  The music balances delicacy with strength – a compelling combination.

A masterpiece.  The first two singles highlighted by this remix album are masterfully rendered.  A dreamy, celestial wash of symphonic finishes, Chris Lastovicka goes beyond and above with his beautiful and oftentimes intense compositions.  Not to be missed.

Offering a behind the scenes look into the making of the album, Lastovicka explains:  “Fortune Has Turned (Remixed) traces the journey from deep suffering to the fullness and freedom of the heart.  It is a quest to find the Self.  I asked Jeremy Allom to take the original, raw recordings for this album and bring out their vitality with his own powerful, creative stamp.

When I was thinking about who I’d like to remix my album, I thought about my favorite album, Massive Attack’s Blue Lines.  I wondered if I would be able to even get Jeremy Allom, who mixed that album.  I did, and it has been an incredible experience working with him and getting to know him.

When I looked for a mastering engineer, I wanted to get someone who would understand the sonic imperfections of the recordings and how I felt they mirrored the rough experience of seeking the Self.  I chose iconic engineer Emily Lazar because of her early background in creative writing, and her drive to tell the story of an album through her mastering work.”

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