Depression: 20 celebrities who have lived (and died) with it

Stephen King

Stephen King had battled depression for decades, going so far as to almost die from overdosing on cocaine. The acclaimed writer also was an extremely self-destructive alcoholic, all of which he revealed in his biography.

In fact, he has stated that most of the eighties he doesn't remember what he had written due to his drug addiction. On top of this, he has had strained relationships with his family, involving anger at his children, inspiring his book The Shining.

Due to an impoverished life in Portland, Maine he had always used drinking and drugs to escape and those habits caused serious emotional baggage, which took its toll. Although King has overcome his depression.  The author of 60 books and counting, he deals with his demons by writing what his problems are through horror, taking the negativity out of his mind and putting it on the page, according to Daily Mail.

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