Depression: 20 celebrities who have lived (and died) with it

Gabriel Iglesias


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To my fans: I can not apologize enough for the sudden cancellation of recent shows. I'm dealing with some serious health and emotional issues that needed attention asap. Attempting to work through my problems was not going over and I had to stop everything b4 things got worse. Failing to make better choices and never taking a break in 20 years of intense touring has finally caught up to me. I need to get better b4 I can return to making people laugh and smile. I applaud my management for doing their best to protect me but my fans need to know the truth. Fluffy is fine but Gabriel needs help. #gabrieliglesias #FluffyGuy

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Gabriel Iglesias had a mental break down that ended with his 2017 tour being canceled. Fluffy has also had his down times, especially due to his battle with alcohol and pressure, which he revealed in an interview with Billboard.

Iglesias said, “People think as comics, we're always in a good mood, but we're messed up people. I was burned out dude, twenty years of the same thing with no breaks. I’ve never even taken a vacation. I wasn't being creative anymore. It was becoming work. And I wasn't spending enough time at home and that was taking its toll as well."

Of his battle with alcohol, he stated, “I was also drinking a lot. I wasn't drinking to be social. I would drink because I just wanted to go to sleep. I was stressin' out so bad and the drinking was magnifying the problem. I was just gettin' sloppy, making poor decisions. I wasn't being the best person at home, and I wasn't being the best entertainer out on the road," according to Billboard.

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