Anne Steele: NYC singer-songwriter takes us to the next level with vibrant dance vibes on EP, 'Made Out Of Stars'

Anne Steele

Anne Steele is a multi-award winning singer-songwriter from NYC, who is already making waves with her latest EP, entitled, Made Out Of Stars. 

A departure from her first EP, entitled, What’s Mine, that is mainly comprised of Steele’s original music, Made Out Of Stars consists of a series of songs that encompass a more contemporary dance vibe.  She collaborates on this EP with songwriters/producers Nash Overstreet and Shane Stevens, co-writing most of the songs on this album.

Made Out Of Stars opens up with “Obsessed” that right away takes us on a thrilling dance vibe.  The sounds of the electric guitar courses throughout the track, while an upbeat electronic backbeat rages in the background.  The smooth pop track blends in EDM and R&B with an electric electronic production and organic instruments.

“Better” contains soaring synths and a sizzling electronic backbeat.  Steele’s vocals evokes a sultry flavor to the song.  A track about heartbreak and dealing with the aftereffects of a breakup, the chorus is filled with a buoyant auto-tuned harmony.  A hot jam, the electronic background has an atmospheric and ambient flavor.

“Love Somebody” undulates with a rapturous R&B vibe.  This is an extremely soulful song.  About letting go in order to ‘love somebody,’ evident on this track is a smooth and soothing vibe.  A happening appeal and filled with an inspirational cadence, the track contains an uplifting message.  The sound really shines and shimmers with some high energy and a poignant message.

“I Miss Those Days” opens with a soulful R&B feel on this slower striding ballad.  The song is touched with a dose of nostalgia.  A bit of melancholy pervades the track as well.  The song is dedicated to an old friend who died suddenly and unexpectedly.  With smooth R&B flavors and an electric guitar softly twanging in the backdrop, this greatly touching track will evoke a tear or two from the audience.

“Love Can Take Us There (2019 Nash Overstreet Remix)” is filled with energizing and bouncy electronic beats.  The song contains a soaring and uplifting sound.  A vibrant anthem, this colorful track has an enthralling House and EDM cadence.

“Everybody Wants To Rule The World” is paved by electrifying electric guitar riffs.  Steele incorporates a tender and intimate element to this cover of a Tears For Fears classic.  Steele’s vocals soars with passion, which contrasts with the mellow music playing in the backdrop.

For “Love Can Take Us There (Acoustic),” the simple arrangement allows for Steele’s vocals to really shine on this acoustic song.  Steele’s singing is alone accompanied by the acoustic guitar.  This makes up for a pretty dynamic setup, as traces of symphonic strings also complement the guitar and Steele’s vocals, giving the track an atmospheric and ambient sound.  This is an emotional song with a whole lot of feeling.  You can feel Steele’s passion simmering underneath this track.  A powerful arrangement, the strings and acoustic guitar harmonizes with Steele’s vocals very well.

Filled with soaring ballads and vibrant anthems that will take you there, Made Out Of Stars is a balance of passion and energy.

This is a polished production filled with invigorating electronic beats and a happening dance vibe.  The sound really shines with artistic merit.  Steele’s songwriting skills are spot on and her talent really takes the songs on this EP to the next level.

Shimmering with high energy and a poignant message, Anne Steele tells listeners on Made Out Of Stars to follow your dreams and to let go - that ‘love will take you there.’

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