'Leprechaun Returns' is a silly horror movie, that's the point


Leprechaun Returns is cheesy, gory fun!

Leprechaun first came out in 1993 as a horror comedy and surprisingly has lasted to this day becoming a franchise. Eight movies in total have made Leprechaun a long-running horror staple that fans seem to really enjoy. Not the movies but the character himself. Leprechaun is a murderous little bag of laughs that you can't help but get a kick out of. Horror has somewhat of an underground fanbase, but Leprechaun is the underground character that gets lost in the shuffle of horror icons.

We've seen him terrorize people on a farm, in space, and in the hood. We got an origin story that really made no sense and had no ties to the character we know. Now we got a reboot sequel to the original movie that ignores the rest. A blueprint for horror movies that seems to be the new way to continue the stories.

Leprechaun Returns premiered on Syfy on December 11th. Yea I know, a Syfy movie. How good could it be? Well, as it turns out, not good but not bad either. The new movie picked up from the original that starred a young Jennifer Aniston. In this one, her daughter has come to the same house that Aniston's character battled the Irish creature. A group of sorority sisters who are working on a project for a greener earth, meet the Leprechaun who was inadvertently revived by a returning Mark Holton. Of course, he's looking for his gold while doing some killing in the process.

Now don't make the mistake of thinking that you will see top-notch acting and a thrilling story in this one. A movie like this is not for that. Its purpose is to just entertain you with cheesy one-liners mixed in with some gory kills and effect.

Leprechaun Returns captures the silliness that Warwick Davis gave us in the original movie that caught our attention. Linden Porco took over the role as the Leprechaun and did a good job with his portrayal, speaking the Limericks that we want to see from the character. The movie was a nostalgic ride that, when it was done, I said: "Ok, that was fun". Stupid typical characters with ridiculous kills. Exactly what we horror fans want.

So if your a horror fan give this one a look when you have nothing else to watch. Don't expect much, just watch and laugh and have fun. That's what it's all about.

Have you seen Leprechaun Returns? Tell us what you thought in the comments

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