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Jordan Fisher is only 23-years-old, but he is already making a big name for himself in TV, music and theater.  Currently, he is also a contestant on this season’s Dancing with the Stars with partner Lindsay Arnold Cusick.

Fisher is from Birmingham, Alabama, but moved to Los Angeles after landing the role of Jacob in The Secret Life of the American Teenager. He has been seen in TV series Liv and Maddie and played Noah Patrick in Teen Wolf.  He also had supporting roles in television films, Teen Beach Movie, Teen Beach 2 and Grease: Live.  He is also featured on the Moana soundtrack.  Last year, he began a four-month stint playing John Laurens/Philip Hamilton in the hit Broadway production Hamilton.

Fisher released three pop-soul songs on Radio Disney in 2014.  In 2016, he released a single under the Hollywood Records label titled “Counterfeit.”  In April 2016, he released another single called “All About Us.”  His next single “MESS” will be available in early October.  He is especially talented with music and plays guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, French horn and drums.

Jordan Fisher connected with Michelle Tompkins in September 2017 about his life, work, what led him to be in Hamilton, something he hasn’t done yet but wants to do, what he likes best about Lindsay Arnold Cusick, who he hangs out with on the set of DWTS, what he likes to do for fun, what’s next for him, how he likes to connect with fans and more.

Michelle Tompkins: So, what have you been up to this summer?

Jordan Fisher:  Staying Busy! What haven’t I been up to!

Michelle Tompkins: Where are you from?

Jordan Fisher: Birmingham, Alabama

Michelle Tompkins: Where do you live now?

Jordan Fisher: Los Angeles, California

Michelle Tompkins: How did you know you wanted to be a performer?

Jordan Fisher: I fell in love with drama in 5th grade. I had a crush on a girl and followed her into drama club and the rest is history.

MT: How did you get the part of Jacob in the Secret Life of the American Teenager?

Jordan Fisher: I auditioned like many others and they felt I was the right fit. I had to learn a South African accent for that role which was challenging.

Michelle Tompkins: What did you like best about that role?

Jordan Fisher: It was the role that moved to LA forever and I would say that role was the real beginning of my career.

Michelle Tompkins: What did you do in the production of Grease Live?  Do you think that prepared you for this season of DWTS?

Jordan Fisher: I played the role of Doodie. The rehearsal process, the work ethic and the conditioning really helped to prepare me for doing a live televised show. However, nothing can really prepare you for doing something you have never done in your life, every week in front of millions of people. This is a real challenge for me.

Michelle Tompkins:  So, you first worked with Lin-Manuel Miranda in a Moana project? Please tell me about that.

Jordan Fisher:  I was in Hawaii with my family when Lin-Manuel called and asked me to be part of the project. I of course said yes and as I am a mixed guy with part Tahitian blood I was stoked to be of this project.

Michelle Tompkins: Did your work on Moanalead you to Hamilton?

Jordan Fisher: Actually it was my work on Grease Livewith Tommy Kail as the director which led me to Hamilton. Tommy Kail is the director of Hamilton.

Michelle Tompkins: What was it like to be in Hamilton?

Jordan Fisher: It was a dream come true and one of my bucket list items fulfilled.

Michelle Tompkins: How long were you in that show?

Jordan Fisher: Just under 4 months.

Michelle Tompkins: What led you to be on Dancing with The Stars?

Jordan Fisher: I have wanted to be on the show for many years. I am a big fan and at last the timing was right for me to compete on the show.

#TeamFishUponAStar is READY. Here we go! Tune in tonight at 8/7c!

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Michelle Tompkins: I interviewed Lindsay [Arnold Cusick] last Spring, she is lovely.  What's your favorite thing about working with her?

Jordan Fisher: She is kind and sweet...She is a great at creating a safe fun rehearsal environment. Lindsay is grounded and genuine, but also so goofy. We are both goofy together and we have become firm friends.

Michelle Tompkins: What is the rehearsal process like?

Jordan Fisher: This is one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I have to make peace with the fact that I am not going to be great at this from the beginning. It will be a learning process and I am ready to learn. I hope I am on the show for a long time as I am having the time of my life.

MT: Is there a dance or type of challenge you are most looking forward to? Least looking forward to?

Jordan Fisher: Most looking forward to the Cha Cha.

MT: Who do you like to hang out with among the cast?

Jordan Fisher: Everybody. We have had only a few times when we are all together but for sure Lindsay is my safe haven. Everybody looks forward to seeing how each couple is progressing and we genuinely want the best for each other.

Michelle Tompkins: Does anything scare you about being on DWTS?

Jordan Fisher: Not being perfect from the start! I have to make peace with that this is a learning process and not be so hard on myself.

Michelle Tompkins: What is something you haven't done yet that want to do (in life or work)?

Jordan Fisher: I would like to be a father.

Michelle Tompkins: What do you like to do for fun?

Jordan Fisher: Gaming, watching UFC and sports in general

Michelle Tompkins: Are there any charities you wish to mention?

Jordan Fisher: The We Organizationis very close to my heart. To quote their site, WE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools to change the world. Making doing good, doable. I have performed at their concerts and traveled to Ecuador and Kenya to aid in them in their great work around the world.

Michelle Tompkins: How do you like fans to connect with you?

Jordan Fisher: Twitter is where I have most of my fan interaction and live stream on Instagram.

Michelle Tompkins: What are your social media handles?

Jordan Fisher: Go to my site, JordanfisherOfficial.comand you can connect with me on all my social media platform

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October 6th #Mess

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Michelle Tompkins:  Now, please tell me about "MESS?"

Jordan Fisher:  "MESS" is about how women are so much smarter than men and they know it. Mess is based on my own personal experiences.

Michelle Tompkins: Where can we get the single?

Jordan Fisher:  Everywhere! iTunes, Spotify, Pandora.

Michelle Tompkins:  What's next for you?

Jordan Fisher:  Releasing new music, hopefully a tour and also a few projects coming up which I cannot talk about just yet….

Michelle Tompkins: Good luck with everything, Jordan.

Learn more about Jordan Fisher by checking out his website here.

Which kind of dance do you want to see Jordan Fisher perform on this season’s Dancing with the Stars?

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