Jasson Finney, from Gotham and Daredevil gives an indepth interview to Michelle Tompkins

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Jasson Finney, fitness guru, actor and author created a new fitness superhero Captain Pump

Jasson Finney wrote The Adventures of Captain Pump to help kids to “Save the day the healthy way”

Jasson Finney has certainly had a life less ordinary.  He grew up to parents who were a professional bull rider and a can-can dancer in Montreal, Canada.  His life took him from being an active kid to a personal trainer to an actor and to the author of the upcoming children’s’ book series The Adventures of captain Pump that go on sale on Nov. 27.

Fitness was always important to Jasson Finney as was always active in sports and studied kinesiology at the University of Ottawa.  He moved to New York and started working as a personal trainer. One of his clients helped get him into acting.

Jasson Finney is part of the both the Marvel and DC Universes by playing Stone in the Daredevil series and Stevedore in Gotham. He also appeared in Zero Hour, Person of Interest and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Being Human and Blue Mountain State.

He has starred in films My Brother's Keeper, Happy Baby, Source Code, Gothika and Timeline and may be best known for playing the very funny Sonny in the 2013 made for TV movie Nicky Deuce which also starred James Gandolfini, Steven Schrippa, Michael Imperioli and Tony Sirico.

Jasson Finney took his fitness know-how and creativity to develop an exciting new children’s book called The Adventures of Captain Pump, the world’s first fitness superhero.

Jasson Finney connected with Michelle Tompkins for Stars and Celebs, the new home of The Celebrity Café about his exciting early life, how he go into fitness, his fitness philosophy, how acting came his way, what makes Captain Pump so special, his hopes for the character, what he likes to do for fun and more.

A special thanks to Jimmy Star for helping to connect Stars and Celebs with Jasson Finney


Michelle Tompkins:  Where are you originally from?

Jasson Finney:  Montreal  

Michelle Tompkins:  Where do you live now?

Jasson Finney:  I split my time between New York, Montreal and LA.

Michelle Tompkins:  Tell me about your childhood. Being the son of a bull rider and can-can girl sounds awesome?

Jasson Finney:  Childhood for me was all about sports. My number one was hockey and then I also played competitive soccer and baseball. Both my parents were huge supports growing up. My dad took me to all my games and mom made sure I had everything I needed.

Jasson Finney talks about his love of fitness

Michelle Tompkins:  Were you always interested in fitness?

Jasson Finney:  I was always active and was a good athlete. I excelled at any sport I played, and always wanted to get better. When I was a kid, I used to make my own training camps in the off seasons – setting up obstacle courses and drills in our yard. At the age of 9 I turned the garage into a makeshift gym. We had organized neighborhood sport leagues for the kids in the area. Literally a full season of street hockey in the winter and baseball in the summers with playoffs and everything. It was so popular, and we had so many kids in our leagues, the neighbors would call the cops because too many kids were playing on the street. Imagine that happening today? Neighbors calling the cops because too make kids are playing street hockey. Now that would be real breaking news lol. So yes, you can say that I was always interested in fitness.

Michelle Tompkins:  Tell me about your educational background?

Jasson Finney:  I studied kinesiology I have two university degrees one in health science and the other in social sciences.

Michelle Tompkins:  Do you still do personal training?

Jasson Finney:  I certainly do. I do a lot of it. I love helping people make life-lasting changes and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. I started training people when I was a teen and thirty years later, I am still doing it. It’s more than a job it’s a passion that is both rewarding and fulfilling. It makes me feel good to know I am making a positive impact on people’s lives. My site is www.bodybyjasson.com

Michelle Tompkins:  What is your fitness philosophy?

Jasson Finney:  I believe that the key is consistency. No matter what you what to accomplish in life, it requires a consistent and persistent effort. Your body is a creature of habit and loves consistency and routine. It will also become really good and whatever you do, and whatever you don’t do. So, if you exercise and eat well your body will become really good at it and will provide you results accordingly. The opposite is also true. If you eat poorly and your idea of exercise consists of trips to the fridge during commercial breaks, then your body will become really good at storing fat and you will become very good at living a sedentary life.

Jasson Finney talks about his acting career

Michelle Tompkins:  How did you break into acting?

Jasson Finney:  Well years ago, one of my personal training clients happened to be an agent and encouraged me to give in a try. So, I did.

Michelle Tompkins:  What are some of your biggest roles to date?

Jasson Finney:  I have been fortunate to be in many big movies such as Gothika, Timeline and Source Code and great TV shows like Person of Interest, Limitless and Kimmy Schmidt but the most rewarding are start-ups that potentially could become the next big show. I just shot one recently called After Life, It is a satire comedy of those Ghost Hunting TV Shows but from the ghosts' perspective where you find out death isn't so different from being alive. You have a job, bosses, and one of your coworkers is a demon-possessed high schooler. My character is named Jacques, a French soldier from the 1800's. He's strong, honorable, and he loves boots and chains.

Michelle Tompkins:  Tell me about your cooking show?

Jasson Finney:  This project is all about honoring the most important and special lady I ever known. My grandmother, or baba as I called her, was my best friend growing up. My best memories are sitting at her kitchen table coloring or something while baba made some delicious meal that I couldn’t wait to eat. So, I created a show to honor grandmothers, their cooking and their families. What’s Cooking Grandma is all that and more. It’s a show that takes us back to the kitchens we grew up in and where most of us founded memories that will last a lifetime. I think it’s important that we celebrate these amazing ladies while we still can. There’s something special about walking into a kitchen that has appliances from the 60s and 70s that still work. Or that special paring knife with the red-plastic handle that served as the only knife grandma ever used. Those are the gems that make this show so endearing.

Michelle Tompkins:  What kind of role do you want to play, but haven't done yet?

Jasson Finney:  Well my goal is to turn my children’s book series into a TV show where I will play janitor George. I would also like to get into producing. I am currently working on a few projects in development which will hopefully launch me into the production world too. As far as roles are concerned, I tend to be cast as the bad guy, very much stereo-typed and put in a box because of my look. So, I look forward to dispelling that and moving into more challenging roles.

Jasson Finney talks about The Adventures of Captain Pump: The World's First Fitness Superhero!

Michelle Tompkins:  Please tell me about your new children's book?

The Adventures of Captain Pump is a book series that will help kids “Save the Day the Healthy Way.” It’s the story of an elementary school janitor and a fitness superhero from another land who become partners to help the “real-world” kids become fit and live a healthy life. The books are filled with storylines that will empower young readers to make healthy choices just as Captain and his “pumpster” crew do. It won’t be easy with a band of sugary villains who vow to destroy the Captain’s healthy way of life.

Michelle Tompkins:  How and when can people get it?

Jasson Finney:  I am so excited about this project. It had been in the works for way too long and finally it will be available at bookstores across the country and Amazon on Nov 27. The Adventures of Captain Pump

Michelle Tompkins:  What makes Captain Pump special?

Jasson Finney:  Well for starters he’s the world’s first fitness superhero. He is a great role model and mentor. Captain Pump is always there to motivate readers to appreciate who they are and know they are worthy and can accomplish anything they work for. Captain Pump knows that hard work pays off and encourages kids to develop a good work ethic and healthy habits.

Michelle Tompkins:  Any hopes to turn him into a cartoon or live-action character?

Jasson Finney:  Absolutely. There are plans to create a live-action/animated series. I am really excited about that.

Michelle Tompkins:   When you aren't working, what do you like to do for fun?

Jasson Finney:  I love writing and creating so I am always coming up with new ideas and storylines for Captain Pump. I plan on releasing 12 books, three of which are already written and illustrated. Wait till you see what books two and three divulge. It’s amazing!  I also love working out – certainly practice what I preach. I enjoy cooking too also a creative endeavor. I am also a drummer and enjoy hitting the skins.

Michelle Tompkins:  Is there any charity work you'd like to mention?

Jasson Finney:  Yes, Readahead.org I believe reading is learning and we need to keep actual books alive. Readahead.org is a great organization that provides mentors who read to young kids and encourage them to read in return.

Michelle Tompkins:  What are your social media handles?

Jasson Finney:  Insta: @jassonfinney Twitter:@realcaptainpump

Michelle Tompkins:  What's next for you?

Jasson Finney:  A few film projects in early 2019 and promote Captain Pump to help kids Save the Day the Healthy Way!


Jasson Finney can be found here and be sure to pick up a copy of The Adventures of Captain Pump: The World's First Fitness Superhero, which goes on sale on Nov. 27 and can be purchased here.

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