Imagination Movers: Disney Channel stars' latest album, '10-4' is a powerful balance of rock and pop

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Best described as “Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Blue Man Group for kids,” the Imagination Movers are the Emmy Award winning stars from the hit Disney Channel TV series.  The family friendly rock and power pop sensation creates music that vies for your attention while reaching out to deliver a message of team work and problem solving.   


The Movers formed in 2002 by four friends from New Orleans – Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott “Smitty” Smith.  The quartet set out to create a show that would feature top-notch rock music and positive male role models that would also inspire teamwork and creativity.   


The Movers continue to bring parents and kids together with their tenth album, 10-4, an imaginative endeavor that delves into rock songs that talk about everything from socks to baby talk with a fun-loving vibe. 


10-4 opens up to the track, entitled, “Socks,” a song that is licitly about socks.  This track will really put a smile on your face with its uplifting and positive vibes.  The band members sing with joyful glee on this rock infused country song.  The track is a melding of mandolin, guitar, bass, and drums.  The interlude is filled with a power pop sound blended in with funk.  But the first and last part has a more country-bent and hoedown feel.  This is a fun-filled song that has a really energetic and upbeat, catchy feel. 


“So Glad You’re Here” has an upbeat retro vibe to the track.  It has a nice tropical flavor to it.  This is a really dynamic sounding song with an energetic and invigorating island appeal that is permeated with a sunny and bright, throw-back cadence.  Reverberating electric guitars fill this track, as the bass and drums coalesce in the backdrop.  The song has a nice beat to it as well as overflowing with a really contagious vibe. 


“Talking To The Baby” incorporates some deft drumming sequences in the introduction of this track.  The song offers a steady backbeat.  A hilarious and fun-loving vibe is packed in this show-stopping track that is filled with real actual baby talk.  Retro addled guitars fill this song. 


“Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” has a moving classic rock feel that contains some reverb-filled guitars and vocals.  Both are equally addicting.  The track has an invigorating retro appeal.  Towards mid-song, auto-tuned vocals does a rap sequence, adding a hip hop element to the track. 


The sounds of the mandolin jumpstarts the beginning of this song, entitled “Butterfly Wings.”  Lisa Loeb accompanies the Movers on this lovely acoustic track.  Next the drums sidles in along with the energetic sounds of the percussions.  The song takes flight with Loeb’s and the Movers combined melodious vocal harmonies. 


“Is That Wrong” is a track clock full of a happening retro vibe that reverberates with a classic rock quality.  The track is filled with the cadences of the electric guitars, bass and drums producing a busy sound that blends in a bustling bluesy vibe. 


“Stacking Game” incorporates the cadence of reverberating guitars that packs the song with an electric feel.  A really colorful and imaginative track, this melodic song is infused with pop and a fun-loving attitude. 


“Sunday Morning Song” is a nice melodic track filled with the sounds of hushed and whispery vocals that include the combined vocal harmonies of the band.  This is a really dynamic rock ballad filled with catchy hooks and reverberating guitar riffs.   


“Tow Truck (ft. The Durbulence)” is a departure from the previous rock songs.  This track features a more hip hop vibe that features The Durbulence who raps with a boisterous style.  The beats on this hip hop song is filled with a hypnotic quality.  The Durbulence really delivers on this decadent track, who goes on to showcase their suave style rapping about tow trucks. 


On “Game On,” the cadences of a game of ping pong sounds off in the background of this track.  The cadences of the guitar paves the way on this song.  A nice melodic acoustic track, layers of combined vocal harmonies really add a dynamic touch to this song. 


On “Kindergarten Graduation,” soaring synths seethes on this electronic paved track.  An energetic power pop song filled with a bouncy beat, the sound is altogether catchy, upbeat, and contagious. 


“The Hiking Song” is filled with a soaring and highly atmospheric cadence.  The track melds the sounds of hip hop with acoustic rock creating a really dynamic cadence. 


“#fuzzylittlecat” is a short acoustic track.  The acoustic guitar alone accompanies the vocals and the hilarious sounds of cats and dogs.   


These rock and power pop songs will really put a smile on your face.  Energetic and fun-loving, these are uplifting performances that are highly imaginative and contagious.


A joyful celebration that both parents and kids can enjoy, on 10-4, the Imagination Movers have created a powerful balance of rock and pop.  With their latest release, the Imagination Movers prove they are movers and shakers in a big sense.   


About their latest album, the Movers say:  “We work hard to create songs and concert experiences that bring parents and kids together to enjoy a shared experience.  On our tenth album, “10-4,” we’re happy to jump genres and themes to address everything from sock collecting and baby talk to the importance of treating all different kids of people with love and respect.” 


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