Gina Graves' latest album, 'And We Rise', soars with etherealness and power

Gina Graves

Gina Graves, who hails from Wilmington, Delaware is a dream pop/piano rock artist who dares to combine her personalized storytelling into piano rock anthems that evoke soundscapes of etherealness and power.

Graves holds a Bachelor’s degree in piano at the University of the Arts, where she studied jazz and classical music.  After an acclaimed two-decade career as a professional singer, composer, and musician, Graves is releasing her latest album, And We Rise, a series of compelling songs that will sure to be a cathartic release for listeners.

The album opens up with “Everything You Are” that starts off to an ethereal air with spiraling vocal harmonies and the ominous sounds of the piano that paves the track.  The song is filled with a beatific air.  This is an enchanting track and the piano and vocal harmonies go on to give a soaring effect.  Graves’ vocals comes across like a soothing whisper.  The dramatic song definitely has a theatrical air with an operatic cadence to the orchestration.  A classically-charged track, the atmospheric soundscape makes for an enticing sound.

“Glide” opens up with some simple strumming on the ukulele.  This is a nice acoustic song.  A simple ballad in which Graves’ vocals evokes a dreamy sound.  This is stunning work as the track eases into a nice flow.  The music is uplifting.  The smooth cadence has a warm quality to it as well as a heartwarming and heartfelt vibe.

“If You Dare” follows through with a haunting and dreamy sound to this piano-based track.  It also contains some electronic beats that supports the song.  The ballad soars with a whole lot of atmosphere to this highly dynamic cadence.

“New Star” has a lovely piano melody that courses through the track.  This is a melodic ballad with a beatific and dreamy sound.  The song has a lullaby-like tune, as Graves’ vocals really carries through on this track.

“Your Beautiful Self” contains an airy and atmospheric feel to it on this ethereal soundscape.  This is a melding of piano-led and electronic embellishments.  Layers of soaring synths also go on to rock this song.  This is a moody track filled with ominous facets.  It has a dark sound pouring with emotion.

“I Am Light” is a moody piano-based song that contains melancholic vocals that jumpstart this track.  This song has a light-treading, somber cadence to it.  With a steady sound, the music will really course over you.  This is a quiet track filled with drama and a heartfelt, endearing sound.

“Bring You Back” starts off with some atmospheric synths and some background vocal harmonies.  A dynamic piano melody paves this song.  A sonorous cadence as waves of vocal harmonies and ominous piano tunes coalesce together.

“Turn Blue” has a quirky sound to it.  With a catchy and upbeat vibe, the track is brimming with an up-keyed energy.  And with a haunting and dreamy cadence, the pensive song has a lullaby-like tune to the track.

“Golden Arc” starts off to an ethereal quality.  A pensive piano melody fills this track.  A lullaby-like tune tickles in from the piano.  The sound is dreamy and haunting, a wash of heavenly cadences.

“All Your Dreams” is clad with an enticing piano melody in the start.  This is a slow-sauntering ballad.  With a soaring and ethereal vibe, the moody piano tune enters the song mid-track and escalates into a cadence brimming with theatrics and emotional vocals.

“And We Rise” is the title-track, which is an energetic anthem filled with soaring and ethereal notes.  The atmospheric sound is stirring and captivating.

In these piano-led songs, Gina Graves embraces her background as a skillful and classically trained musician and produces the kind of music that is equally brilliant and dynamic.

A stunning piece of work, these tracks are filled with a whole lot of atmosphere.

This is imaginative and daring work.  The inspirational themes and ethereal soundscapes are pouring with emotion.

These songs reflect Gina Graves’ emotional stance and life journey.  Oftentimes beatific, they contain the transcending power of Graves’ transformative message.

On And We Rise, Graves sings with unwavering intensity.  The album emits many a magical element – a wash of heavenly sounds.

On describing her work, Graves says:  “My work is about spiritual growth, finding inner peace and above all, meaning.  Helping others find the courage to express themselves fully, and truly understand their value, to listen to and honor the calling of the Soul…while staying on track myself, is my mission.”

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