'Fuller House' Season 4: Full of Charm, Laughs, and Emotion

Fuller House is back with a strong and emotional new season

Fuller House returned with season four on Netflix this past Friday. The revived family show that charmed America in the late '80s and through the '90s continues to charm us with the new adventures of D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler.

Season four started off with D.J. and Steve figuring out the next steps in their new relationship after professing their love for each other at the end of season three. Kimmy Gibbler gets closer to her due date for Stephanie's baby. Kimmy being the surrogate for Steph built their friendship in a way Kimmy always wanted and Stephanie always avoided.


The highlights of this new season are the two characters that steal the entire show. Kimmy's husband Fernando and her brother Jimmy, who is also the father of Stephanie's baby. They are so ridiculous that you can't' help but love them. The innocence in their stupidity makes you want to just hug them. I found myself looking forward to seeing them in every episode and the biggest laughs came from their antics.

Of course, we got the occasional appearances from the original cast. Seeing Danny, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey, and Becky is a welcome addition as their storylines in the show does not overshadow the main characters. When the show returned back in 2016, I was skeptical of how it would last with a new generation. The shows from the T.G.I.F. days are so beloved by those who grew up with them that it's hard to bring them back with the same impact. And the audiences of today are not familiar with these characters and what they meant to television back in the day.

However, Fuller House manages to capture our hearts in the same way the original did with a mix of old and new faces. I won't give any spoilers here or go too much into the plot of the new season. But I will tell you that season four of Fuller House is maybe the strongest season is what has been a nice return of an iconic hit show.

Are you a Fuller House fan? Who is your favorite character? Share your thoughts in the comments

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