Cindy Jollotta: LA singer-songwriter unleashes emotionally powerful Alt Country single, "Ghosts"

cindy jollotta

West Coast indie folk singer-songwriter Cindy Jollotta is unleashing in her latest single, Ghosts, a plethora of emotions that include heartbreak and remorse that goes on to include styles that range from folk, New Americana and Alt Country.

The Los Angeles-based artist has performed all over the United States with her band, The Podunk Poets, and is now embarking on her own solo project, emphasizing a taste of honky-tonk and bluegrass with her roots in the alternative rock world. Reinventing herself in a genre that she likes to describe as 'Americana Gothic,' Jollotta's wide vocal range hits the mark in such tracks like, Ghosts, that undulates with emotional power.

The new single is filled with vulnerable and touching vocals that is altogether tender-sounding, evoking longing and regret. This is a haunting track that has a somber cadence unfolding with a blues tinged honky-tonk bluegrass sound.

The MV features Jollotta going through a breakdown as she sings about the emotional upheaval that sometimes presents itself in the pressures of everyday life. A dramatic track that fundamentally harnesses raw emotional power, Jollotta is in a house deep in the countryside working out her domestic responsibilities as she wrestles with the ‘ghosts’ from her past that is coming back to haunt her.

The single has a melancholy riff. A piano-led song accompanied by drums and percussions, the vocals on this track are fiery and searing. They will leave a lasting imprint on listeners, exuding an energy that is contagious and inextinguishable.

Unforgettable and resounding, Cindy Jollotta’s music carries a timelessness that is inimitable. Jollotta sings with passion on this mesmerizing and dramatic track about the pressures of life that we sometimes succumb to.

About the song, Jollotta says: “Ghosts is about the missed opportunities, bad choices, and regrets that become ghosts that haunt you.”

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