Brooklyn Nine Nine: First look at Season 6

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Brooklyn Nine Nine is hilarious, and yhe first-look trailer for the sixth season of beloved cop comedy dropped, promising big laughs and a lot of heart.

For many, this trailer comes as a relief after last spring’s cancellation panic. Fox, which the show originally aired on, had canceled Nine-Nine. This caused a massive social media outcry from its fans, which persuaded NBC to pick it up and order a sixth season a day later.

The show, created by and starring Andy Samberg, won favor with fans thanks to the racial and sexual diversity among its characters, and, of course, for its comic chops. Season six will pick up from the wedding of Samberg’s Jake and Melissa Fumero’s Amy, whose competitive yet loving relationship had seen five seasons of development that culminated in their police wedding.

It also hints at answering the cliffhanger that threatened to dangle indefinitely with the show’s cancellation: whether Captain Holt, the deadpan leader of the ninety-ninth precinct played by Andre Braugher, would become the New York City Police Commissioner. He clearly has his cops on the edge of their seats, though he’s not giving anything away without a fight. With Holt’s signature emotionlessness, he says to them, “From the look on my face, I’m sure you can guess what it says.”

It’s nice to see such a well-loved show make such a triumphant return, especially after so much has changed both within the show and around it. Season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will premiere Thursday, January 10, at its new home on NBC. Check out the trailer below!

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