We might know the titles to all four 'Avatar' sequels


And they are truly awful.

Remember Avatar? That subpar sci-fi thriller from James Cameron that, for some unknown reason, was nominated for all kinds of awards back in 2009?

Apparently, we’re still getting a whole bunch of Avatar sequels. Not just one of them, mind you, but Cameron is working on a whopping four of them at the same time. At this point, someone really needs to stop and ask him who these movies are really for.

These sequels, however, have some titles now — titles that we’re hoping are some kind of joke because they’re really pretty embarrassing.

The second, third, fourth and fifth films will allegedly be called Avatar: The Way of Water, Avatar: The Seed Bearer, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider and Avatar: The Quest for Eywa.

Yes, you really read that right. The Seed Bearer. This can’t actually be real, can it?

According to BBC News, it is, even though Fox and Cameron have both declined to comment.

Producer Jon Landau had previously confirmed that at least one of the sequels will dive into Pandora’s seas, though, meaning The Way of Water could actually be legit.

“We don’t need to go to another world if we want water,” Landau told Syfy Wire in August. “We’re going to go to the oceans of Pandora.”

What the other titles refer to, really, could be anyone’s guess.

Not that anybody is really guessing in the first place, because most of the comments related to these Avatar sequels have just been people making fun of them.

Which really begs the question of whether or not people are going to go see these things in the theaters once they finally arrive. The first Avatar is still one of the highest grossing movies of all time, but the public reception towards that movie has certainly shifted since it was released.

We’ll find out when the first sequel is released Dec. 18, 2020, whether or not Fox made a bad investment here. The other sequels are then set to follow in 2021, 2024 and 2025.

Jon Landau could not be reached for comment.

What do you think about these titles? Do they sound pretty dumb or are you actually excited for the Avatar sequels? Sound off in the comments below.

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