Trailers by Brandon: It's the circle of life, man


Trailers for The Lion King and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part have found their way online and, hoo boy, does the internet have some strong opinions on them. We also have two movies opening this week that look great, as well as one that, well, doesn’t.

Opening this week:

Creed II

Even with a new director for Creed II, I’m still finding myself ridiculously excited to see this movie. Maybe it’s because the first Creed was so good or maybe it’s because of the whole Rocky IV angle they’re taking here, but I’m ready to step into the ring with this one.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

It’s crazy that it took us this long to get a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph — which is, by all accounts, a great movie — but it’s finally here now. Bringing Ralph into the internet is a genius idea to boot, as there is sure to be all kinds of in-jokes and meta-humor scattered throughout the film.

Robin Hood

And the award for the biggest box-office bomb of 2018 goes to Robin Hood — the movie that nobody was asking for in the first place. I could sit here and rip apart this thing to shreds for hours but, really, what’s the point? You’re not going to go see the movie, I’m not going to go see the movie, so let’s just let it die.


New trailers:

The Lion King (July 19, 2019)

I had no idea we were going to start getting trailers for The Lion King this early on, but I’m here for it. Yes, we might all have seen the animated version a thousand times and know it by heart, but now we get to see it with The Jungle Book effects in which all the characters look like real, living animals. That’s an offer I’m not passing up.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (Feb. 8, 2019)

My excitement for The Lego Movie 2 admittedly went down after they rushed out Lego Batman (which is still funny) and Lego Ninjago (never bothered to see) following the success of the first Lego Movie. This trailer for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, however, started to win me back over. Maybe it’s just because my imagination is racing as to all the places this movie could go or maybe it’s just because the meta-humor works for me, but consider me to be slightly more intrigued.

Piercing (Dec. 7, 2018)

This is one of the weirder trailers that I’ve seen in a while. Weird in a good way, don’t get me wrong, as it certainly left me wanting to see Piercing. But still weird in a ‘the filmmakers know that this movie is messed up and they’re just toying with us’ way nevertheless.

Replicas (Jan. 11, 2019)

Look, I don’t know how Replicas is going to turn out. The January release date doesn’t boast a lot of confidence and this could easily turn into a dumb, throw-away sci-fi film that doesn’t work on a number of levels. Yet, I can’t turn down the idea of seeing Keanu Reeves fight a bunch of robots that will, no doubt, turn evil. I just can’t. Let’s get this bread Keanu, let’s get this bread.

Once Upon a Deadpool (Dec. 12, 2018)

It’s not whether or not you think the trailer for Once Upon a Deadpool is funny or not — it is. The Fred Savage joke is hilarious no matter what way you slice it. Rather, what matters is whether you’re on board for this PG-13 version of Deadpool 2. Personally, I’m not. I understand why the studio is doing it and all, but seeing Deadpool in a watered down universe — especially when I’ve already seen Deadpool 2 and know the story-beats — just isn’t something I was itching for. I’m still curious what new jokes they add into this cut, but I don’t necessarily need to see them in a theater.

The Intruder (April 26, 2019)

Dennis Quaid being creepy in what looks like yet another Get Out rip-off. Not only that, but the trailer for The Intruder really gives the entire plot away — meaning I don’t have a great hankering to go see this one, either.

Serenity (Jan. 25, 2019)

I can’t put my finger on what, exactly, it is, but there’s something about Serenity that just isn’t working. Maybe it’s the fact that the studios pushed it back to January (which is a terrible sign), maybe it’s because the marketing for this movie has practically been non-existence up until this point (almost like they’re trying to hide something) or maybe it’s just because this looks so incredibly dull and, frankly, pretty dumb. Granted, it seems there’s a lot that the trailers aren’t showing us, but I have a feeling that those moments are going to be even worse than the footage we have seen.



Rambo (2008)

Creed isn’t the only franchise that Sylvester Stallone has returned to in his later years. He also made a fourth, comeback Rambo movie a while back that is, surprisingly, a lot of fun. Not as good as the first Rambo of course, but it is a remarkably bloody (like, to a ridiculous degree) romp that delivers in most of the ways you hope that it would.

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