Top 10 'The Good Wife' Will and Alicia fights and making up for it scenes

On The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick, the wife of Illinois state’s attorney Peter Florrick, is thrown back into the rat race when Peter gets caught in not only a sex scandal but also a political corruption scandal and is sent to prison. Alicia looks for work in her former profession as a defense attorney, but no one wants to hire her because of her years away from the job and because of her last name. That is, until she runs into Will Gardner, an old friend and classmate from law school, who is now a partner in a prestigious Chicago law firm, and who offers her a trial run at an associate position at his firm. You can already see the sexual tension between these two at first re-encounter.

The Good Wife, Alicia, Will
Credit: CBS

As Peter gets out of prison and strives to renew his marriage vows, Alicia pushes him away and the sexual attraction between her and Will becomes insurmountable. But remember, she’s “the good wife” and she begins to feel that she owes it to her marriage and her kids to try to reconcile with Peter. The off and on relationships that ensue between Alicia and Peter and Alicia and Will make for some great prime-time sex scenes. It is hard to decide who to root for, as Peter has not been the best of husbands, and Will is sweet and handsome and has sizzling sexual chemistry with Alicia.

Unfortunately for us, our imaginations have lost that prerogative. Our favorite, albeit extramarital couple, Will and Alicia, is no more, as Will was shot during random gunfire in a courtroom and died on scene. Fans of the show are almost as upset about this loss as is Alicia. has taken a look back at the sexually charged moments of these fan-favorite forbidden lovers and chosen our top 10 favorites, in order of occurrence. Let us know how you feel about the dramatic and shocking turn of events in CBS’ The Good Wife.

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