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Your favorite NBC family drama, This Is Us is back after a week hiatus and get ready for another week of intense flashbacks. From the war to Jack and Rebecca’s road trip and even to Kevin trying to uncover the truth about his father in Vietnam, in this episode, we saw it all.

The episode begins in a market in Vietnam where a soldier buys a necklace which appears to be the one Kevin now has. The soldier brings the necklace to a bar to give to a woman, who is already with another man. He slams the necklace on the counter and leaves.

The necklace is picked up by a Vietnamese soldier who takes it but was killed in combat.
A new woman takes the necklace from his dead body.

We get a quick glance at Kevin on his flight to Vietnam and then it’s back to some war flashbacks.

We see Jack and Nick together for the first time since Nick left for war and Nick isn’t okay. He ends up telling Jack that he’s not really Superman, it was just a stupid nickname.

this is us

Post war, Jack and Rebecca started their road-trip to L.A. and are starting to get to know each other.

Kevin and Zoe arrived in Vietnam when Kevin takes a photo of them together. Before he posts it, Zoe asks him not to tag her, so her father won’t know she’s in Vietnam.

When Kevin starts asking questions, Zoe tells him her father lives in China and doesn’t want him reaching out.

On Nick’s base site, Jack goes to his sergeant and asks for Nick to come back with Jack to get him in shape and tells him he’s not meant for war.

Nick’s sergeant denies him and says brothers aren’t put in the same base because no one wants to deliver the news to a mother that both of her sons are dead.

this is us

Zoe likes to immerse herself in whatever culture she’s visiting so, she orders bat soup while her and Kevin are out at the markets.

They see a tourist couple and the woman has a necklace similar to the one Jack gave to Kevin. He finds out that it’s a common thing sold in Vietnam.

Jack and Rebecca are at dinner talking about what would happen if the record label she was going to see liked her when a slow song came on and the two started to dance.

this is us

They went to their first motel room of the trip and ended up sleeping together, which led to a montage of that continuing on their drive across the country.

One night, Jack started trembling in his sleep from a nightmare and Rebecca woke him up, but he said he was fine.

While they’re driving the next day, Rebecca asks if the nightmares are common after Vietnam and he stops the conversation.

They arrive at Rebecca’s friend Nicole’s place where they’ll be staying and Rebecca tells her how much she likes Jack and wants to be wherever he is.

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After eating, Kevin and Zoe are walking around Vietnam and Kevin is upset about the necklace’s being everywhere thinking his father may have just bought it and there’s no story.

Kevin starts asking Zoe about her past again and she said she didn’t feel good and wanted to lay down in their room. Thinking she just wanted to avoid the conversation again, he got upset, until she threw up.

Jack brings Rebecca a drink while she’s talking to Nicole and someone pops a champagne bottle which makes Jack jump.

this is us

Back in Vietnam, Jacks ride left him, so he paid someone named Bao to take him to a river where his troops were, but he doesn’t know if Bao is good or bad.

Before Jack and Rebecca go to sleep. Jack tells her he can’t talk about Vietnam because he doesn’t want what he saw and did there to be brought into what he has with her.

She tells him she isn’t sure if she wants to go back to Pittsburgh.

Jack drops Rebecca off at the record label.

The label likes her stuff and tells her to keep in touch. She continuously asks for clarification on what that means when they finally tell her, she’s “Pittsburgh good.”

Jack went to visit Squirrel’s family and apologizes to them for being responsible for his death.

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Bao stops the bike him and Jack are on and tells him to walk the rest of the way. He admitted he is sometimes a soldier for Vietnam.

Jack visited Squirrels parents to take full responsibility for what happened and apologize for losing one of the good ones.

They both tell him it wasn’t his fault.

Zoe is laying in the bathtub of her and Kevin’s hotel room sick when Kevin brings her some coconut water.

He tells her he wants to know everything about her and tell her everything about him, but if he can’t, that’s okay because he’s falling in love with her whether she opens up to him or not.

Zoe tells Kevin her father sexually abused her when she was young.

Zoe tells him she’s didn’t want to talk about her past because he admitted to falling for her, or because he asked her to, or even because she’s falling for him to, but because her father has ruined so much for her and doesn’t want him ruining this too.

this is us

After the record label meeting, Jack asked to hear her sing, and when she sang, he cried.

While hearing her sing, there was another Vietnam flashback – Nick’s sergeant brought Nick to Jack’s base and gave him two weeks to get him into shape.

Nick walked past him angrily and said he should’ve let him rot.

Rebecca finishes singing and says, “come on, let’s go home.”

What do you think of all of the flashbacks in This Is Us? Is it filling in some much needed details, or do you miss seeing the big three every week?

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