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With just one episode until the Fall finale, this week’s Thanksgiving episode of This Is Us is one you won’t want to miss with no one, but six celebrations through the years.

The episode starts out on the last Thanksgiving of the Pearson family as a whole, but this year Miguel was added to the celebrations.

This was Miguel’s first Thanksgiving after him and his wife split, so it was also his first Thanksgiving without his kids.

Before Miguel arrives, Jack and Rebecca overhear the kids laughing in the other room, which was a pleasant surprise to them with all of the fighting that had been going on between the big three.

The kids were laughing about Randall’s college essay which was on a person that impacted his life most.

Everyone thought it’d be the firefighter that brought him to the hospital, but he didn’t think there was just one person.

When Miguel arrived, he was already emotional from not even being able to wish his kids a Happy Thanksgiving, but the emotions heightened when he so how happy the Pearson’s were.

Now to present day Thanksgiving – Beth and Randall are getting ready to go serve food at a soup kitchen in the area he’s campaigning, but Beth is nervous Jae-Won will be upset that she changed where they were going last minute.

Deja received a text from her mother wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tess wasn’t feeling well and decided to stay behind with Kate and Toby who were coming over to make the Thanksgiving dinner.

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Jae-won was upset about the location change because the one he set up had a lot of press, whereas the one Beth set up had none.

Beth thought spending time with people and getting a genuine connection would be better than a photo opportunity.

As Randall, Beth, Deja and Annie were about to leave, Jae-won stopped them and said he pulled some strings and a photographer was on his way, but Beth still isn’t on board.

Randall told Jae-Won he didn’t care if it was a bad idea to move and not be photographed because Beth is his wife and she overheard him say that.

Thanksgiving in Vietnam starts off with Jack seeing a kid who cut open his foot on the barbed wire.

Nick is still upset about Jack taking him to his base.

During Thanksgiving dinner, Jack sees the mother of the injured son struggling to carry two heavy buckets and helps her.

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He later brings food to her and her family and checks out the boy’s foot which is seriously infected.

He tries to get Nick to help the kid but Nick refuses saying he’ll just end up killing Americans later in life.

Jack goes to see Nick after he helped clean the boys wound and Nick told Jack why he was against helping the boy.

His captain, Bones told his soldiers that they need to respect Nick because Nick could save their lives. Bones was later killed after giving away his location to help an elderly woman.

Now to William’s Thanksgiving, this is when he first meets Jesse.

He late bumps into Jesse buying liquor and invites him to get food with him instead.

After Jesse told him about his addiction, William invited him to hear him and other sober musicians play and celebrate that night.

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Toby is stressed about cooking and feels like he doesn’t compare to Randall or Jack – but Kate reassures him.

Toby went to bring Tess food and as he did, she was carrying boxes of tampons.

Kate went to go talk to her and help her through her first period. She told Tess the horror story of her first period and it made her feel less embarrassed.

Kate tells her she’s free to talk about anything any time because she’ll be getting her first kiss soon and a boyfriend, Tess stops her and says, or girlfriend.

Miguel and Rebecca are driving to his daughter’s house for Thanksgiving before spending dessert at the Pearson’s, but Miguel is upset because he feels like it’s a pity invite.

At dinner, Miguel’s kids are distant and rude towards him and Rebecca.

His son said first Rebecca stole his father and then tried killing his brother in law with a nut filled dish.

Miguel flipped out and told his kids he tried to reach out and stay connected to them while they were growing up, but he was lucky if they even sent an email back.

Tess asked Kate not to say anything to her parents about what they talked about and Kate reassured her she wouldn’t, but they would love her no matter what.

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When Kate came back to Toby in the kitchen, he had dropped and stepped in the turkey.

Kate called it Jack Pearson level magic.

Back to the Pearson’s last Thanksgiving as a whole family, Randall was reading his finished college essay where he said he doesn’t believe just one person can be the most valuable person, because everyone starts off as a stranger.

this is us

Thanksgiving dinner started and Annie set up a teddy bear so Kevin could be there on Facetime and have a place to sit.

Jesse reassured William that the woman he brought to the party was just his cousin.

The woman from Vietnam gave Jack the necklace to thank him for helping her son.

Deja texted her mom back Happy Thanksgiving.

Rebecca and Miguel are greeted with a warm welcome into the Pearson’s home.

Randall ended his essay saying if he had to pick someone just for the sake of getting accepted into the school, he would choose the firefighter.

Are you ready for the Fall Finale of This Is Us next week? Do you think all of our questions will really be answered?

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