‘This Is Us’ recap: ‘Kamsahamnida’

This Is Us

In this week’s episode of NBC’s hit drama This Is Us, we take a look at depression, the past, realizations, break downs and overcoming problems.

Once again, this emotional show is going to hit home for many viewers dealing with these real-life issues.

The episode starts off on a happy note with Kate telling her family that the IVF worked and she’s pregnant, but it slowly takes a darker turn when they want to congratulate Toby as well.

This Is Us

She then tells them he went off his medication to help her get pregnant and it’s taking a while for him to get readjusted to them.

In the past, when the kids were young, Jack came home one night with a black eye from boxing and Rebecca asks him never to box against someone again.

Back to present day, Beth is calling about an application she put in because it had been a week and she hadn’t heard anything.

While Randall is picking out what to wear to the church in Philadelphia to continue his involvement in the city, Tess and Annie are upset that their girl scout sales are down because they usually sell in Beth’s office.

Beth then offers to take them to sell somewhere else.

Kate calls Rebecca while taking Audio to the dog park and while Rebecca’s telling Kate to take care of herself as well as Toby, Audio ate something from the garbage.

Zoe finished her documentary while Kevin is wracking his brain over the woman in his dad’s picture.

Kevin wants to take Zoe to celebrate but she tells him her tradition is to go to a hotel alone for the night and pamper herself.

Young Randall asked Jack to teach him how to box because of a new kid in school from New York who has been bullying him.

He tells Jack he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, he just wants to know he can.

Randall goes to the church in Philadelphia where his opponent, Sal Brown, welcomes him in front of everyone, making him aware he doesn’t belong there.

When Beth brings the girls, now including Deja to sell cookies at a store, there’s already a group of girl scouts there.

Kevin calls Randall and asks to meet up because he wants to talk about the woman in the photo.

Kate is trying to get Audio to eat, but he won’t which worried her and now Toby who she told what happened.

Back to the past, Rebecca walked in on Jack teaching Randall how to box and was furious.

This Is Us

Kevin tells Randall about the woman and understands that he wants to find out who she is. They meet on the Korean side of town at a restaurant where Kevin tells Randall he has a large following from his show ‘The Manny.’

Randall then realizes he could help him campaign with that side of town because most of the people there aren’t even registered to vote and of course Kevin agrees to help.

Kate takes Audio to the vet and finds out he ate a rock. They can either operate on him to remove it or take him home and see if he gets rid of it naturally.

This Is Us

Beth takes the girls to a pretty empty spot, but one man stepped up to buy cookies until they realized Beth forgot the card swiper.

Tess gets upset and says they should’ve gone with their friend Riley because her mom is much better at this and Beth loses it, yelling at the girls to shut up.

Past Rebecca called the school to ask about the bully, only to find out there is none.
Toby decided to get out of bed and get ready.

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Deja went to talk to Beth and tell her how Randall thinks she’s extraordinary and should tell him what’s been going on.

Tess and Annie then walk in and Beth apologizes to all of them.

Randall starts campaigning with Kevin in Korea Town when one member says he’s just doing it because he realized no one on the other side of town is going to vote against Sal.

Randall told him he was wrong and made a speech about how he may have never been to the town before but will start now and be there for them.

The man's sister translated everything, winning over a lot of town members.

This Is Us

Kate returns home and tells Toby Audio is fine and she was so excited to see he was feeling good enough to get dressed – but he told her he wasn’t. He did it to try, but it didn’t work. He told her he was scared she’d leave him, not now, but eventually.

Audio wanted to go outside, which was a good sign and Kate convinced Toby to come with them.

Kevin tells Randall he needs to find out who that woman was and what she had to do with Jack.

Past Randall told Jack he wanted to box so he could be more like Jack because Kevin was getting stronger like him and he didn’t have that connection.

This Is Us

The man from the campaign, Jae-won, came to Randall’s office and told him, his grandmother who has never voted before, registered that day because before today, she never felt like she could vote.

He then asked Randall if he could be his campaign manager, which Randall agreed to.

Rebecca got Jack head-gear so he could box but do it safely since he said it was important to him.

This Is Us

He then told her he used to box with his brother.

It then became a family thing to watch boxing together.

Randall went to visit Sal and tell him he was right about him not being able to win over that side of town but told him he had Korea Town.

Kate tells Toby she’ll be there for him for better or for worse.

Kevin interrupted Zoe’s spa night to tell her he applied for a visa to visit Vietnam and find the woman in the photo. He then asked her to go with him, which she agreed to.

Beth finally told Randall she wasn’t fine.

Randall offered her a spot on his campaign team because everything they’ve done together, they’ve crushed. She took the job.

What do you think of this season of This Is Us so far? What kind of connection do you think that woman had to Jack? Will Randall win the campaign? Will Kate and Toby successfully have a baby?

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