This Is Us recap: ‘The Beginning is the End is the Beginning’

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The Fall Finale of NBC’s hit drama This Is Us premiered this week and boy, you won’t want to miss this episode.

It was an episode filled with many of the questions you’ve been asking, so let’s get into it.
The episode began in Vietnam with Jack trying to convince Nick’s commanding officer to give him more time, but he says no.

Nick is still against being there and with Jack trying to get him to step up and stay clean, Nick got upset and punched Jack in the face.

Kevin and Zoe are stuck in a hotel in Vietnam due to a rain storm only 50 miles away from where Jack’s base camp was.

this is us

Their hotel guide tells them rain finally cleared and they can go to the base.

At Kate and Toby’s check-up, their doctor tells them there are no chromosomal abnormalities and the pregnancy is doing well; they’re even able to find out the gender which they said no to.

The only negative thing the doctor had to say was she didn’t like Kate doing the Adele-o-grams because of how long she could be sitting for while driving.

Beth ended up leaving Randall’s campaign, but she’s still supportive.

Randall is going up for a debate against Sol Brown the following day and hasn’t started going over any of his points.

The two of them notice something’s up with Tess and then they overhear Deja speaking on the phone to her mother which just further distracts Randall.

Back in Vietnam, Jack brings Nick over to a spot by the water where it feels far away from the war. Jack says they need to stay focused on the mission and Nick says the mission is to kill.

Jack says the mission is to get home.

this is us

The hotel guide takes Kevin and Zoe to Jack’s base where a man who was young during the war and lived in that area agreed to talk to them.

Madison tells Kate about an open position at the high school she volunteers at for a chorus teacher and immediately emails the principal about Kate.

As Randall is prepping for the debate, he can only focus on his girls.

Rebecca takes Tess to the debate and Tess finds out that Kate told Rebecca about her coming out.

Rebecca tried defending Kate by saying she just wanted someone close to her to know since Kate lives on the other side of the country, but Tess didn’t want to hear it.

Kate meets with the principal of the high school where the interview is going great and he wants to hire her, until he finds out she doesn’t have a college degree.

The debate isn’t going well for Randall – all Sol is doing is making people remember he’s not form there.

Nick wakes up one night sweating from withdrawals and goes through another soldier’s bag where he finds something to get him high.

this is us

Jack finds him in the morning, still high and tries to get him clean again, but Nick said if he’s clean, he can see everything.

While he’s walking away, Nick says he’s not going to complete the mission.

Toby thinks Kate shouldn’t worry about a job right now and should focus on relaxing, but Kate can’t just sit around waiting for something to happen.

She says the reason they didn’t want to know the gender is because they’re scared the baby isn’t going to happen.

Back at the debate, after Sol interrupting him multiple times, Randall says he’s not the best candidate because he’s been overlooked, but because the 12 distract has been overlooked and he wants to change that.

He brings up the minutes from past meetings and the problems people have brought up which are all serious but have been ignored. He tells the people if he were elected, he would make things happen and would listen to what people need.

He got a standing ovation after saying, if it snows and he couldn’t get plows to help shovel the streets, he’d be there helping.

Kevin and Zoe sit down to talk to the villager from Vietnam, but he doesn’t recognize Jack or the woman in the photo.

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He knows Kevin is an actor and says his father acted too, by telling them instead of fighting in the war, he’d tell his kids he went on adventures and tell them all about it.

He then goes on to explain that their fathers, although on opposite sides, weren’t that different. They both hid their war stories and pretended to be okay for their children.

Now because of their fathers, they’re sitting together, happy, healthy and enjoying a meal together where their fathers once fought.

He tells Kevin, although he didn’t get the answer he was looking for, maybe it’s the answer to something much bigger.

After the debate, Rebecca sits down with Tess and tells her about how much physical pain she’s in.

Rebecca says her theory about her pain is that when she was younger she used to keep all of her emotions bottled up and all of that emotional pain grew into physical pain.

She tells Tess she doesn’t have to tell her parents about her being gay, but she doesn’t want her to bottle things up forever.

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Toby brings Kate to a community college where he convinces her to finish getting her degree before the baby comes.

He then tells her, from now on when they talk about the baby, it’ll only be while smiling.

Jae-Won found out that Sol was farther ahead in the election that they thought and Randall wouldn’t win.

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Deja tells Beth and Randall that she wants to visit her mom who’s living in Delaware and has a job. They say that would be okay and they’d figure out how to make it happen.

Tess then comes downstairs and apologizes for being weird lately, but she’s been uncomfortable around them.

She tells them a lot of girls at school have been getting boyfriends and that she didn’t want one.

As Randall was saying how glad he was to hear that, she finishes her sentence by saying, she doesn’t want a boyfriend because she thinks she likes girls.

Beth and Randall tell her they love her no matter what and although Tess didn’t want to talk about it anymore for now, they told her if she ever changed her mind, they’d be there.

Randall then tells Beth that he wants to fight for the campaign still, but she says she wants him to drop out.

Despite the promise he made to her about quitting the campaign if things ever got too hard for her, he told her he needs to see this through and finish the campaign.

Kevin’s disappointed about not getting the answers he wanted, but Zoe says maybe it’s not the end, just the middle.

Jack can’t find Nick anywhere on the base and then there’s a loud explosion.
Beth makes Randall sleep on the couch.

The woman future Tess and Randall were going to pick up was Beth who was a dance instructor.

They were all meeting up to go see Rebecca.

Toby and Kate decide to find out the gender with a cake gender reveal – it’s a boy.

The explosion in Vietnam came from a boat in the water. They think one of their soldiers was on that boat.

this is us

The hotel guide is bringing Kevin and Zoe’s bags out when he tells them he was going to suggest a gift to honor his uncle that had died in the war, but he must’ve misheard them.

When Kevin asks him what he means, the guide goes on to tell them that he looked into the database for the war memorial and Nick’s name wasn’t there. He may have died, but it wasn’t during the war.

The episode ends with Nick Pearson, alive.

What did you think of the Fall Finale of This Is Us? Were all of your questions answered, or did they just create more? The show returns to NBC on January 15, so stay tuned.

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