The Chainsmokers: 5 songs you cannot miss


The Chainsmokers emerged onto the scene in 2014 with the song and video “#Selfie”, a spoofy tune that lightly pokes fun at today’s narcissistic selfie culture. The duo – DJs Andrew “Drew” Taggart and Alex Pall – has been a tour de force in pop culture ever since.

A key to their success may be their genre-blending (and bending) sound. As their website biography states, their sound is rooted in indie, progressive and pop music, but they’ve also drawn mentions of alternative rock influences, and The Chainsmokers’ signature style includes layers of EDM beats in every song. The lyrics are as captivating as the rhythms; they often reference young love, nostalgia, insecurity, wild and free-spirited adventures – all themes young people can relate to. The duo has brought in an array of collaborators for their tracks, from established pros to newcomers, from American pop stars to European techno maestros to Korean rappers, and everything in between.

With all these impressive factors, it’s no wonder The Chainsmokers have racked up multiple Billboard Hot 100 hits – their biggest coming in 2016 and 2017 – as well as several award nominations and wins. They picked up a Grammy earlier in 2017 for Best Dance Recording – “Don’t Let Me Down.”

Click next to check out our list of the top 5 best Chainsmokers songs:

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