Stars and Celebs Weekly Roundup: Another Sequel?

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Welcome to the fifth episode of the Stars and Celebs Weekly Roundup.
Released every Saturday, the show features regular hosts including our Snark in Residence film reviewer, Brandon Schreur Anime and gaming kind, Christopher Davis, Radio and broadcast editor Alyson Ellner and veteran interviewer Michelle Tompkins!

Discussed this week:
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Haunting of Hill House
Bad Boys 3
Gladiator sequel
It: Chapter 2
Avatar sequels
Avengers 4
Armie Hammer
Laura Vitale
Nell Hudson
Shelby O’Neil
Andy Dick
Melissa Joan Hart
Kanye West

About the Weekly Rounders:

Brandon Schreur

Brandon Schreur
When I was a freshman in high school, I decided I wanted to start reviewing movies. I opened IMDB, went to the lists section, created a new one called “Movies I have Watched Started on February 19, 2011” and wrote a three-sentence review for Mel Gibson’s Signs. Fast-forward to present day and I’ve written over 1,350 reviews on that very blog (most of which now come in at around 1,000 words). To say film was a passion of mine might be an understatement. And to answer the question that I’m repeatedly asked, Sing Street is the greatest that has ever been made and ever will be made. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


Aly Ellner

Aly Ellner
Hi, I’m Aly Ellner and I’m currently a senior at Five Towns College on Long Island studying Mass Communications. I love writing, filming, editing and all things that involve creativity. I found my love for writing at a young age and over the years I decided to merge it with my love of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment. Of late, I have found new passions for radio, film and editing while attending Five Towns College.


Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis
I’m known as CD and am formerly of the 3-Peat Podcast & Anime-niacs. I currently write about anime, gaming & music, and spent 4 years covering the UCF Knights basketball team. I also have a background in Musical Theatre & Dance.


Michelle Tompkins

Michelle Tompkins
I’m Michelle Tompkins. I am a senior writer with Stars and Celebs. I love writing about all sorts of things with entertainment, food, lifestyle, health and product reviews being among my favorite topics. I also enjoy talking to all sorts of people including actors, athletes, chefs, comedians, medical professionals—actually, anyone who has an interesting story to tell, so conducting interviews is something I love to do.


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Brandon Schreur

The fella over there with the hella good hair. Movies and TV are my jam, and the fact that I get to write about them on a regular basis is the bees knees.

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