Satanic Temple sues the devil out of Netflix over Statue of Baphomet

Satanic Temple

Satanic Temple and its dry hijinks have become a source of gravely enjoyed levity in the US as it continues to provide a legal foil in the national discussion over religious liberties and the separation of Church and State.

But it has set aside the wry mischief for a moment in favor of something a little more hellish.

It has filed a fiery $50m copyright lawsuit against Netflix for using a suspiciously similar statue of the deity Baphomet in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


The main issue is not wanting the deity and group associated with show because the dark tones of the show could cause a negative view toward the non-theistic religious group. The statue in Sabrina depicts a girl on Baphomet's right and a boy on his left while  the deity himself has both a pair of wings and horns, plus his right arm up and two fingers (index and middle) pointing upward - exactly like the Satanic Temple's statue.

We contacted Lucien Greaves for this article, he gave no comment.

The Satanic Temple opposes the Christian influence within the government through occult imagery and religious freedom laws. The group has seven fundamental tenets and chapters nationwide. Its 'controversial' (read 'panic inducing') statue first came to national attention when it was installed in 2014 in Oklahoma during a legal battle over state sanctioned religious monuments on public lands. It was given a much wider moment of sunshine during a similar fight in Arkansas a few years later.

Now, its nearly identical rendition is making an unsanctioned appearance in one of the hottest new shows on Netflix, and the Church of Satan would like its pound of flesh, please.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina stars Kiernan Shipka as the titular teen character who is also a witch. On her sixteenth birthday she must choice which path she wants to follow - human or witch. While this is a darker adaptation than the previous ones seen on television, it was originally it's own comics series.


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