Sally Kirkland: Five Things to Know

Sally Kirkland

Oscar Nominee, Golden Globe winner, Independent Spirit Award winner, LA Film Critics Circle Award winner and film veteran Sally Kirkland was born on October 31, 1941 New York, New York. Kirkland has starred in over 200 films with in her acting career.

Kirkland's impact on the film industry has spanned several decades. She has starred in films such as The Sting, The Way We Were, Coming Apart, Cold Feet, Best of the Best, Revenge, JFK, ED TV, Bruce Almighty, Coffee Date and Archaeology of a Woman.

However, she is most well known for her role in the movie Anna, where she was nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars. For that same role, she won Best Actress Golden Globe, the Independent Spirit Award and the LA Film Critic's Circle Award.

She also has several TV credits that include Criminal Minds, Head Case, The Haunted- A True Story, Roseanne, Days of Our Lives and The Simple Life. Kirkland is still very active in the industry now as she prepares to star in The Talking Tree. 

Her trademark blonde and strongly liberal attitude have made a considerable influence on the industry.

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