Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio's new album, 'It's Time' has a real cool mellow vibe

Rose Ann Dimalanta

Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio Rocking the Jazz World

Funk/jazz/soul group the Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio are rocking the jazz world with their latest album release, It’s Time.   Currently touring Europe, the band delivers solid jazz performances on their newest album that caters to fans of Adult Contemporary and jazz.

Comprised of Rose Ann Dimalanta (vocals and keys), Raymond McKinley (bass), and Massimo Buonanno (drums), each member of the band are rock stars in their own right.  Dimalanta was a former member of Prince’s NPG and packs her vocal and piano repertoire with a power punch of soul and harmony.  McKinley is renowned for his deft musicianship on the bass.  Having collaborated with such iconic artists like Patti Labelle, Sheila E., Rachelle Ferrell, Tower of Power, George Duke, among others, McKinley is known as the ‘bass player’s bass player.’  And last but not least is Massimo, who delivers with his passionate drum performances.  He is known as one of Europe’s most in demand musicians.

This is a solid album.  Filled with a cool blend of jazz, soul, funk, and Adult Contemporary, the Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio’s sound is both arresting and dynamic.  The lovely cadences on their newest album are enticing.

It’s Time opens up with “Forever Day By Day” that is etched with a classy jazz sound that fully elicits a soulful quality from the get-go.  With a lively thrill, the music is excellently executed.  The real smooth sound has a happening jazzy and bluesy blend, emanating a resounding joyful appeal.  There is a great flow to this track that appeals with harmonious and soulful vocals, a great melody on keys, and some stirring cadences from the drums and bass.

“10 Miles To Empty” has an upbeat drumming backbeat.  The groovy sounds on the bass gives a touch of funk to the track with a wonky feel to the beat.  There is definitely a great jazzy flow to this song.  The beat has a staccato approach with a real cool vibe on the keys, bass, and drums.  Dimalanta’s singing here is done in a spoken word-like style.  Overflowing with some great jazz grooves, the dynamic sound creates a real soulful flavor.

“Dinner For One” has a stirring Adult Contemporary Radio feel.  The jazzy, soulful sounds pervade on the piano as the song winds down to a slower sauntering cadence.  This ballad is about heartbreak with vocals that are tinged with loneliness and wistfulness.  The soaring sounds has an airy feel, as the cadence on the piano paves the way for an atmospheric and ambient vibe.

“Seven Days” has a real cool smooth blend coming from the mellow sounds.  The music is relaxing and altogether very soothing.  The great jazzy vibes on this track encompass the keys, bass, and drums.  Comprised of pure instrumentals, the song is filled with good energy.

“Happily’s Never After” is paved with the harmonious sounds on the piano and a layer of electronic embellishments.  This jazz track has a funky twist.  Packed with a strong sense of urgency, the song has a dramatic flair.  The piano solo is outright energetic.  The frenzied performance creates vibrant layers to the track as soaring synths spiral in and out of the song.  The soulful vocals and harmonious background layers add a flavorful punch to the track.

“Measure Of A Man” is a piano-based track.  The song has a melancholy feel filled with Dimalanta’s somber vocals accompanied by the piano.  Elegant strings also trace this track.  The song contains soulful vocals on this soaring and atmospheric ballad.

“Truly Love Someone (ft. Seven)” is a cool jazzy blend filled with smooth flavors of jazz and soul.  A mellow piano tune paves this track.  Dimalanta and Seven’s vocals are both elegant and soulful giving a dynamic pulse to their duet.

“Latin Soul” provides for a fiery twist compared to the relatively cool jazzy vibes of the prior songs.  This track contains some strong rhythms on the bass.  The instrumentals jamming together is paved with great energy.  Buonanno’s plays with deftness on the drums, creating an intense drumming backbeat.  The musicians play each note with rapid sure-fire succession.  What comes across is this great appeal energetic vibe.

The jazzy layers on “Miles” adds a mellow dimension to Dimalanta’s soulful vocals, creating for a cool Adult Contemporary sound.  The sounds of strings trace this song.

The acoustic instrumentation on “No Goodbyein’” is accompanied by electronic nodes.  The song is upbeat and has more of a pop appeal than the previous tracks.  This is a fun-loving song with great energy.  The bass gives off a touch of funk to the track.

“Mad Run” has a mellow start with soulful vocal performance from Dimalanta.  With a real soothing and atmospheric soundscape, the ambient feels and melodious sounds on the keys are accompanied by synths.  Syncopated beats are added to the layers of music.

On “That’s All,” melodious piano keys pave the start of this track.  The song is filled with a melancholy riff.  Dimalanta’s vocals soars with a soulful quality.  This is a simple track with sparse arrangements with vocals that are simply accompanied by the piano.  With a stripped down quality, the simplicity of this song gives it a dynamic appeal.  This ballad is centered by a dramatic feel.

Comprised of three best friends, the Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio are a tight-knit group with great chemistry.  Their great energy comes across in their music.  And their latest album is both unique and refreshing.  Like a breath of fresh air, the Trio’s mellow and rich vibes showcases jazz/funk/soul in a new light.

This is a solid album.  Filled with a cool blend of jazz, soul, funk, and Adult Contemporary, the Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio’s sound is both arresting and dynamic.  The lovely cadence on their newest album are enticing.

It’s Time soars.  Listeners will bask in the light of this breathtaking album.  Filled with soulful performances, the songs on the record are memorable and stand out on their own right.  Catering to a jazz crowd, the tracks are also accessible to wider audiences of pop, soul, and funk.  The Trio’s unique sound will speak to music lovers everywhere!

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