Peter Senior: 'On The Edge' will really pump you up with adrenaline

'On The Edge' Album Cover, Peter Senior

Peter Senior is a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia, who developed his musical aspirations early.  There wasn’t a time when he wasn’t either singing, on the piano, or performing in musicals.  He came from a musical family, and his childhood was filled with time either spent playing on the piano or performing musical theater.

His proclivity for performing on the piano was jumpstarted when he got his first taste of a packed show at a high school function.  He has since found exposure for his talents performing with bands around the greater Sydney area for national and international live TV.

His sound is influenced by some of greats that include The Beatles, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, and The Temptations.

His latest album, On The Edge, is an induction into his unique blend of soft rock, country, blues, and pop with a twist of Motown.

On The Edge opens up with “Little Lovin’,” which begins with an upbeat, great tune.  The happening Motown flavor continues on with a catchy, fun-loving vibe.  Energized percussions and horns pave this track.  Senior’s vocals are up-keyed on this song that highly appeals with some feel-good vibes.  The amped atmosphere has a big band feel to the loud music and high energy.

On “Baby I Love You,” Senior’s vocals give up an up-close and personal, intimate feel on this romantic love ballad.  The song has a lovely flow to it.  The arresting melody follows through with a great Motown vibe on this pop track with a nice tune to it.  The contagious vibes will have audiences bobbing their heads and tapping their feet to the addicting tunes.

“Doin’ OK” has an awe-inspiring appeal.  With soaring vocals, the highly atmospheric singing is perfused with energy.  The rapturous music offers up an infectious vibe.  With an upbeat piano melody, amped percussions, and up-keyed drumming, “Doin’ OK” is a contagious song that you will find yourselves playing on repeat throughout the day.

“Soft Rain” follows through with some soft piano music that courses down onto this quiet ballad.  The music progresses with a slower stride than the rest of the album, yet the sound is soaring and altogether atmospheric.  This piano-led song pervades with a strong sense of immediacy.  Reverberating electric guitar riffs also fill this track.

“The Edge” has some upbeat show tunes-like piano melodies that ignites the song with some feel-good vibes.  This pretty dynamic ballad is moving and elicits an emotional and thought-provoking stance.  With a revving vibe, an ill-contained piano solo is bursting with energy.

“Savor The Moment” is a resounding ballad that highlights Senior’s attention-grabbing vocals.  The dreamy cadence on this track traces the sax weaving in and out of the quiet melody.  The song contains sentimental lyrics.  About being in the moment and savoring your time with your loved one, the track soars and listeners will be left entranced by the very ebb and flow of the song.

“I Wonder” is a happening soft rock and pop song that blends in a country-blues vibe to the track.  The song progresses with a strong sense of urgency.  Eliciting a full-on energized performance, Senior’s vocals are adamant with emotion.

“Cool Ride” has a real cool and arresting Motown vibe.  The great retro flavor harkens straight out of the 50’s with horns that add a nice flair throughout the track.

“Is This Real” is a piano-based song that is traced with a touch of melancholy.  Towards the 1-minute mark, the track branches off into more upbeat terrain.  The radio-active guitar solo syncs into the song mid-way into the track.  An epic guitar solo winds down toward the end of the song.

“Got A Picture” contains a moving piano melody that courses over the entirety of the track.  On this dynamic piano-based ballad, Senior really belts out the lyrics to this song.  A soaring electric guitar solo pave this track, adding a heartfelt and romantic riff to this song.  The vocals are filled with panache.

“Savor The Moment (Reprise)” has a sax that traces this track.  The combined vocal harmonies add a soaring feel to the overall vibe.  The drums and percussions are upbeat and lively.  The piano melody also grabs your attention with its energized emphasis.

Peter Senior delves into a full sound on his latest album, On The Edge, filled with the kind of energy that makes his animated vocals and music addicting.  Senior takes you up-close and personal on this personable and at times intimate tracks.

With great showmanship, Senior sings with panache in each and every song on this record.  He growls, coos, and belts out the lyrics with a finesse that is much sought after, taking his voice to its utmost potential – Senior sings like a man possessed.

The quality sound that is exemplified on, On The Edge, goes on to prove that Senior is a versatile artist with unquestionable artistic merits.

Definitely heartfelt, the tracks on this album ignites with washes of soft rock, Motown, country-blues, and pop.

With a revving performance that is at times upbeat and catchy, this is sentimental and heartfelt music meant to be heard.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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