Once Upon a Deadpool 2: The shameless FOX Christmas remake. Because Yahtzee!

Once Upon A Deadpool

Everyone's favorite merc with a mouth, Deadpool, will be coming back to theaters for Once Upon A Deadpool.

'Once Upon A Deadpool'
Credit: Screenshot/ YouTube

Earlier this year, Fox released their sequel to the biggest rated-R grossing film to date, Deadpool 2The film cumulated a worldwide gross of $734,245,921, and was viewed favorable amongst comic book and movie going fans.

Fox has decided to follow up with a PG-13 Christmas iteration of Deadpool 2 titled Once Upon A Deadpool.

According to Deadline, the film will have a limited release that will run from December 12 to Christmas Eve. The film will have footage from Deadpool 2 that has been edited for PG-13 viewership. The film will feature eight new additional scenes that will be included in the original footage. It will also feature new footage with Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and Fred Savage of The Wonder Years.


The scene between Reynolds and Savage will be inspired by the 1987 classic, The Princess Bride, which famously featured Savage as a child actor. Once Upon A Deadpool will be three minutes shorter than Deadpool 2. Fox declined to be more specific about the new footage running time.

Although, Fox is always in the business of making a dollar, there is a charity element to the re-release of the film. According to Deadline, for every ticket sold, a $1 will be donated to F-ck Cancer. The campaign will be temporarily renamed  “Fudge Cancer” for fundraising purposes.

Deadpool 2 was Fox's biggest picture this year. The film currently ranks as the fifth highest grossing film of 2018. The revamped PG-13 version of the sequel will give the studio an opportunity to further gain from the franchise and could also be repurposed as the franchise’s first viable play in China.

Once upon a Deadpool will be released on December 12.

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