‘New Amsterdam’ recap: ‘Three Dots’

new amsterdam

With just one week before the Fall finale, this week’s episode of NBC’s hit medical drama New Amsterdam will give you some major feels and a lot of reality.

The episode starts out with Helen tattooing three dots on Max’s throat to measure the growth of the cancer and of course, knowing Max, he tells a story about how he almost got a panda tattooed on him when he was young.

Helen asks him when he planned on telling his staff, to which he said he was hoping they wouldn’t notice.

After listing all of the changes that’ll happen to his body from the treatments and chemo, Max realized, they’d notice.

Lauren has been working at both New Amsterdam hospital and Bronx General and has been working crazy hours.

Evie asks Lauren some recommendations for Floyd’s birthday and finds out whatever she gets, it has to be big because he loves his birthday.

Floyd is excited about a new cell sorter the hospital got and Max isn’t excited because of how expensive it was.

new amsterdam

Vijay is walking with his son, Rohan, talking about a football game when he asks Rohan if he’d want to watch the game together, but Rohan was getting his one year of sobriety chip that night, so he invited him to that instead.

Vijay said it’d be weird to go and asked if he wanted to see a Knicks game next week instead.

Helen’s patient’s heart isn’t pumping blood very well, so her and Max give him two options – to either do a surgery that has a 90% success and 10% fail rate but if it works, he’ll be cured, or to go home and live another year doing whatever he wanted.

Vijay sits down with his patient, Amy who had been suffering from migraines. He said since the medication hadn’t been working, he thinks it might be linked to stress and should see Iggy.

Amy’s mother took that as he was calling her crazy and said they wouldn’t see him and would find a new doctor who could get rid of her migraines.

As they’re leaving and waiting for the F-train Amy said it might be worth it to try, but her mother says no and throws out Iggy’s card.

Amy then stepping in front of the oncoming train.

Max walks in on Helen looking through sperm donors and tells her it’s time to see what her patient, the Rabbi decided to do.

He decided to take the year.

Luckily, the train went right over Amy, so she only had some physical injuries and is stable.

Iggy tells her mother he wants Amy to stay and get help, but her mother doesn’t think her daughter needs it.

Iggy said it’s not her decision, she’s not the patient, but she told Iggy her daughter doesn’t need help, she just slipped.

new amsterdam

Lauren is starting to crash from working the insane hours.

Max goes to the Rabbi before he leaves and tells him as Max, not a doctor, that he has cancer too and wants to know how he decided what to do.

The Rabbi tells him the story of Abraham and Isaac and then tells him he picked the choice that would make him happier.

Max then confessed that he was very scared and doesn’t know what to do.

Lauren started dosing off while standing around and decided to go take a nap, but on her way, Evie stopped her again to tell her she’s throwing Floyd a surprise party and asks more questions.

The second Lauren laid down, there was a knock at her door for help with a patient.
Iggy sits down with Amy to talk about depression and diagnose her. He tells her it’s treatable, but she needs to start talking to someone. She’s nervous her parents will think she’s weak or sharing family secrets if she talks to someone.

new amsterdam

Max tells Iggy and Vijay to defraud the hospital to get Amy help while her parents think it’s a different treatment.

Helen finds Max and tells him the Rabbi changed his mind and is headed into surgery.

The Rabbi tells Max that he’s the one that changed his mind, but it’s because he doesn’t want to be a patient anymore.

new amsterdam

Max gets confronted about Vijay and Iggy lying about Amy’s treatments and they need to find a way to pay for it. He decides to sell the cell sorter to cover it.

new amsterdam

Amy doesn’t feel right about lying to her parents, so she declines their offer.

Lauren was woken up abruptly and told her patient was crashing. She had to think on her feet and was struggling to do that.

She finally told the doctors what medicine to give him and it wasn’t working at first, but finally did.

Evie went up to ask her yet another question to which Lauren replied, “I don’t know, he’s not my boyfriend, we just slept together a couple of times.”

It didn’t seem like Evie knew that though.

Vijay talks to Amy’s mother again and tells her they need to stop seeing their children as perfect, because they aren’t perfect either.

Max visits the Rabbi’s wife who told him she always thought he was going to do the surgery and just needed some time to view his options.

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Iggy visits Amy again and asks how she’s doing – she replies, “it feels like I just got hit by and F-train.”

Iggy said it was a good sign that she was joking and when they went over her depression again, she told him how she lays in bed every morning a little longer and goes over what could go wrong and how hard it is to get out of bed with all of the pressure she feels.

Her mother walked in as she was telling him that and she said everyone needs help.

Floyd was thrown his surprise party and was overjoyed. He asked how she knew everything, and Evie told him that Lauren helped, but she didn’t look happy about saying that.

Vijay goes to see Rohan get his sobriety chip.

Max watches the Rabbi’s surgery and said it was looking good so far.

Max went to see Helen who was again looking at sperm donors and told him the reason she was struggling to pick someone was because she was going to marry a man she was crazy about and start a family with him, but he died of a brain aneurism.

new amsterdam

She feels like she’d be betraying him and doesn’t know if it’d be worth it.

Max tells her it would be.

As he’s leaving the room, Max tells Helen to cancel his chemo tomorrow and put him in the trials.

He decided he wanted to continue helping the hospital and be there for Georgia and the baby.

He doesn’t want to be a patient even if it’s a big risk going this route.

Are you ready for next week’s Fall finale of New Amsterdam – can you believe it came so quickly?

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