‘New Amsterdam’ recap: ‘Domino Effect’

New Amsterdam

NBC’s newest hit medical drama, New Amsterdam is back after a week off television and it’ll leave you on the edge of your seat the entire hour.

The episode starts with a typical cancer update and procedure meeting with Helen and Max, only now Georgia is there as well. As Helen listed everything they will be doing, Georgia questioned why they hadn’t started, to which Max tried to explain he wanted to focus on patients and the hospital.

New Amsterdam

Georgia then convinced him to start the procedures and treatments by getting oral surgery.

Floyd and Evie started seeing each other, but Floyd was skeptical about walking into work together.

New Amsterdam

Casey is drinking energy drinks to keep him up from working at Bronx General as well as New Amsterdam and Lauren said she’d be interested in going there, not for extra money, but for fun.

A new patient is brought in, Gianna, with her father, Diego, but they’re concerned about being treated because they are undocumented. Lauren assures them they’ll be safe at New Amsterdam and does an evaluation on Gianna.

Right after the evaluation, Lauren tells Casey to page Floyd quickly.

Iggy got Blanca on the Emergency Foster Provider list and she’s able to take Jemma in.

Vijay goes to his son’s restaurant to see him, but is too afraid to go in.

With two other hospitals on the phone and all of the department heads involved in the conference room, Max leads the discussion and finalization for a 6-person transplant chain that Helen made happen. Everyone on the chain needs part of a new liver and their families aren’t matches, but someone else’s family member on the chain is a match.

Dr. Flores answers Laurens page for Floyd and tells them there’s liquid in Gianna’s lungs and they’re hoping she’ll be able to breathe once they drain it.

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One of the recipient’s siblings who was a donor on the transplant chain backed out because she doesn’t believe her brother would do the same for her.

The doctors need to figure out how to fix the chain with the donor for the anchor patient out.

Max wants to continue the chain and try finding a partial liver another day.

The anchor, Aminah’s husband, Tariq refuses to continue the chain until they find a new liver for his wife.

Draining Gianna’s lungs didn’t work and there’s still liquid in them.

Jemma had a breakdown and destroyed her group project assignment.

We now find out that Gianna needs a new lung and because her and her father are undocumented, they wouldn’t be able to go through the Organ Transplant Fund.

Diego wants to see if he’s a match to give his lung to Gianna, but unfortunately, he isn’t one.

Floyd asks Max if he’d be able to call the mayor and get Diego and Gianna a visa, so they can go on the transplant lung.

When Max is looking at the file, he notices Diego is a match for Aminah, so if he agrees to be part of the chain, all of the patients and their families can ask to see if anyone’s a match for Gianna and donate a lung to her.

Diego agrees and the search for a donor for Gianna begins.

Georgia tells Max Helen got him in with the best oral surgeon in the city, but he can’t leave until the chain is mended.

While Diego is getting evaluated, he said he’d do anything for Gianna.

Gianna was alone and upset and scared, so Lauren decided to hangout with her instead of leaving.

New Amsterdam

Max is walking with Diego explaining the chain and telling him it’s been tough trying to find a family member willing to donate their liver, but they didn’t find one, they found twelve.

Now they just need to find one that’s a match.

Gianna stopped breathing t and needs surgery quickly, but her lungs are so scarred up that her heart can’t pump blood. Floyd is going to give her an aortic balloon pump which will hopefully strengthen her, but until it does, she’s too weak for the lung transplant.

New Amsterdam

Floyd decides to talk to Lauren and tells her he doesn’t feel comfortable being around her as much because he’s dating Evie now, but Lauren feels fine with it because she set them up and just wants him to be normal with her and save Gianna.

Iggy talks to Jemma and finds out she flipped out because she’s scared Blanca will change her mind about taking her in.

New Amsterdam

As Max and Georgia are leaving for the oral surgeon, Helen stops her with Diego who still wants to be a part of the chain.

Diego said if so many people were willing to help Gianna, he wants to help them, even if Gianna isn’t getting the lung she needs right now.

New Amsterdam

Max has to leave for oral surgery, so he puts Helen in charge and the chain of transplants begin.

Iggy takes Jemma to Blanca’s house where she already set up a room for her to feel at home and welcomed.

Diego wakes up form surgery with Gianna recovering from her surgery right next to him.

Floyd was able to strengthen her enough to do the transplant.

Diego thanked him for saving her to which Floyd responded, “I only saved one life today, you saved six.”

Floyd invited Lauren to lunch with him and Evie, but she decided she wanted to go home and chill, which was a new thing for her to take on.

The second she got home, she called Bronx General and picked up an extra shift there.

Vijay goes to see his son again and this time, his son sees him too.

Max wakes up the morning after his surgery to find out the chain was a complete success.

Unable to speak, Max writes a note to Georgia saying, “What if I can’t do this?”

Georgia lays down with Max and tells him, “We’ll do it together, one piece at a time, until each piece falls into place.”

That certainly was an emotional rollercoaster of an episode, what do you think of New Amsterdam so far?

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