‘New Amsterdam’ recap: ‘As Long as It Takes’

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The Fall Finale of NBC’s newest hit medical drama New Amsterdam premiered this week and it’ll take you on a trip of emotions.

The show started out with a meeting between Helen, Georgia and Max where Helen tells them she found a clinical trial that Max could apply to be part of with no debilitating side effects.

new amsterdam

Helen is against the trial because there’s no guarantee that it will work, whereas she’s confident that the chemo would.

Floyd confronts Lauren for telling Evie that they slept together and said they don’t feel like friends.

Two patients were brought in – LaDavious Powell who’s suffering from abdominal pain and has a sever allergy to Cephilicam and Sarah Madsen who was found unresponsive on a sidewalk, has a heart transplant scar and has diluted blood.

new amsterdam

Iggy meets with Shay, a transgender man in the process of transitioning.

Shay’s parents don’t think he’s ready for top surgery, but he believes he is.

Sarah received her heart in New Amsterdam Hospital 27 years ago from Max’s sister, Luna.

She’s acquired hemophilia which could kill her.

Shay has 27,000 followers on Twitter and his followers have been a very supportive community for him.

Shay’s parents have been supportive of his transition, but they feel like top surgery is too permanent for his age. They said no to pay for the surgery, but Shay’s followers raised enough money through a Go Fund Me to pay for it completely.

Vijay talks to Ella about how proud he is of his son and he wants to give him a gift to show he’s there. He was thinking of giving him an apartment.

Max called Georgia and told her he didn’t even know Luna was an organ donor – he reminisced about how he didn’t even get to go to her funeral.

Lauren apologizes to Evie, but Evie just needed to know if her and Floyd were over. Lauren said they were.

Max is trying to be positive around Sarah, whereas Helen is being honest.

Sarah asks why her case is so important that the medical director is involved and Max says its just an interesting case.

Luna’s heart is dying and Max wants to save it, but Helen and Floyd tell him it’s time to stop trying to save Luna’s heart and start trying to save Sarah.

Sarah figured out Max was Luna’s brother and told him they knew each other. She said she saw him on the dock after Luna’s funeral where they used to jump off and pretend they were cliff divers.

Sarah taught Max how to skip stones because Luna was supposed to the next time they went to the docks, but she passed away before she had the chance.

new amsterdam

Helen goes to meet Dr. Panthaki, who’s in charge of the trial Max wants to be a part of.
He says Max isn’t a great candidate, but that’s not a no.

Iggy tells Shay he will sign off on top surgery, but it’ll be in a year for growth and medical reasons.

Shay is upset that it won’t be for a year and storms out of Iggy’s office.

Vijay saw Ella crying and found out her dog has cancer and needs $2,000 to get her surgery or put her down.

Lauren tells LaDavious he’ll be going home soon and tells Casey to give him Cephilicam before he goes but as she’s walking out, she realized he’s severely allergic to that medicine and ran back in to try to stop Casey from giving him the medicine.

When she got back, Casey had given him the correct medicine and pretended like Lauren told him the right thing to do.

The Organ Transplant Fund agreed to move Sarah up to the top of the transplant list and they have a donor for her to get a new heart, but a hospital representative says she’s not strong enough to accept a new heart.

The only way she’d be able to get the new heart was if she passed three PTT tests in a row, which Max guaranteed would happen.

Floyd then told him it was basically impossible.

new amsterdam

Lauren apologized to Casey for almost giving her patient the wrong medicine and Casey told her it’s been happening all the time.

Lauren denies it and says it’s just paperwork mistakes which are normal, but Casey confessed to fixing his mistakes constantly.

Shay tweeted that Iggy was transphobic because he wouldn’t let him get top surgery immediately.

Vijay gives Ella the money for her dog’s surgery.

After failing a majority of her PTT tests, Sarah tells Max he needs to know it’s okay that she’s going to die.

She told him Luna’s heart didn’t die. She said her heart didn’t always have the best taste in guys, but when she met her husband, her heart skipped a beat.

Sarah continued by saying Luna gave her a beautiful life. Max said it was the other way around.

Max doesn’t give up on the PTT tests and finally gets two successes in a row.

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Iggy confronts Shay about his tweets saying he was transphobic and he admits to not believing he is. Iggy made him realize that he’s not afraid of waiting for the surgery, he’s afraid of letting down his followers that raised the money for the surgery.

Iggy agrees that if in a year Shay still wants the surgery, he’ll be right there with him.

Floyd finds Lauren on the roof and asks if she’s okay, but she says it’s not something he has to worry about.

Sarah passed the third PTT test in a row. She said it wasn’t her, it was Luna.

Dr. Panthaki calls Helen and tells her Max is a candidate for his trial.

He then asked her to a concert on a date – she said yes.

Sarah’s husband handed Max an earn while she was resting after surgery and told him she asked him to get it when she found out he was Luna’s brother.

Max and Georgia went to the dock where him and Luna played to let the metaphoric ashes go so he could get closure.

As Georgia went to set up their food at the table near the docks, Max collapsed.

What did you think of the surprise ending of the Fall Finale of New Amsterdam? What do you think will happen when the show returns on January 8?

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