‘New Amsterdam’ recap: ‘Anthropocene’

New Amsterdam

This week on NBC’s newest hit medical drama, New Amsterdam, there’s a banquet to raise money for the hospital and let’s just say, if it isn’t a success, there may be a new medical director in town, once again.

Good news for the little Goodwin family – the baby is fine, Georgia can have a natural child birth and she’s off bed rest!

The good news slowly crashes down when Dr. Helen Sharpe makes Max realize now that the baby is safe, he has to tell Georgia about his cancer.

Iggy and Vijay are talking about the hospital’s banquet and how Iggy’s nervous about his parents attending and Vijay doesn’t feel ready to go.

Dr. Lauren Bloom walks in on Helen doing an IVF shot and is proud that she decided to do it.

Vijay decided to give his banquet tickets to Ella, the coffee barista in the hospital, but she took just one ticket, thinking he was asking her to go with him.

A father and son, Mr. Merken and Christopher were brought into the hospital after getting into a car accident following a trip they took to Canadian Rockies.

A prisoner collapsed and was dying, and Dr. Floyd Reynolds had to run down to the ward to save him.

Floyd was able to save him and noticed there was something off.

While getting ready for the banquet, the Dean of Medicine, Dr. Fulton told Max that the last medical director raised $3.4 million dollars for the hospital at his first fundraiser and was fired, so Max had big shoes to fill.

Floyd sent Lauren his prison patients file to read in hopes of her speaking to him again and she told him his patient overdosed, which means there’s an inside dealer in the ward.

While wheeling Mr. Merken and Christopher around in the hospital, Christopher fell out of the chair and started seizing.

Moments later, his father did the same.

Just as Max was going to speak to one of the potential donors at the hospital banquet, Georgia walked through the doors to surprise him.

New Amsterdam

Lauren recruited Helen and Vijay to help with her father and son case.

Floyd wakes his patient, Manny up and tells him he knows he had been using, but Manny denies it and ends up confessing that the new guard did it to him.

All of the tests for the Mr. Merken and Christopher came back clean indicting nothing was wrong.

Max is about to give a speech to persuade people to donate when Helen and Vijay walk in the back and call him for help.

New Amsterdam

The two tell Max there may be an ancient disease that’s killing them from the Canadian Rockies. They believe it’s mercury poisoning.

Vijay sends Dr. Kao to the banquet to explain to Ella he most likely wouldn’t make it because he had to cure an ancient disease.

One of the biggest donors of the hospital, Andrew Nomura approached Georgia recognizing her from when she was a professional dancer and loved her work.

Max interrupted the conversation to steal Georgia away for a dance.

New Amsterdam

Floyd continues the trend of interrupting to tell him about the guard who’s been drugging prisoners and asks for his help.

Helen and Vijay have a possible cure for Mr. Merken and Christopher but if it doesn’t work, it could kill them.

They have to test it on one of them and Mr. Merken volunteers, but they need to do it on Christopher because his immune system is stronger.

Iggy’s parents didn’t show up to the fundraiser because they don’t support their family and he couldn’t bare to tell his daughter because it would crush her.

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Helen and Vijay soon find out it can’t be mercury poisoning because Christopher starts crashing and his kidneys start failing.

Mr. Merken is in the bed beside him screaming, “it should’ve been me!”

Once they stabilize Christopher, his father tells the doctors how ever since his wife passed away they had been taking a yearly trip and it was the only time he got to see his son anymore – it’s what he looks forward to most.

Vijay started to get emotional hearing that.

A group of possible donors are speaking negatively about Max for not being at the fundraiser and commenting on how they wanted to hear patient stories and speeches.

Georgia overhears the conversation and quickly steps in, telling them instead of telling them about sick patients at the banquet, he’s saving their lives.

New Amsterdam

Lauren is at the banquet upset over Floyd when Dr. Fulton tells her to run with love, because she’ll regret it if she doesn’t.

Another prisoner collapses in the same way Manny did and Max and Floyd were able to save him.

Before leaving, Floyd confronted the new guard who confessed to anything but didn’t care because she’d do anything to “keep them in line.”

Helen figured out that they were treating mercury poisoning with today’s technology, but they had to treat it like they did in the past.

Floyd recorded the conversation with the guard and took it to her boss who said she’d be fired immediately.

Iggy finally tells his daughter that his parents aren’t coming to the banquet. He realizes he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and his daughter and start feeling sorry for his parents who are missing out on a great family.

New Amsterdam

Floyd shows up to the banquet and Lauren decides to introduce him to her lawyer friend telling them she thinks they’d hit it off.

Floyd realized he lost his chance with her.

New Amsterdam

The treatments for Mr. Merken and Christopher are working and they decide they’ll go to Hawaii for their next trip.

Vijay went to the banquet and apologized to Ella for not being there and told her he didn’t mean for it to seem like a date and they spent the rest of the event together.

Max went to speak to the donors in hopes of getting money for the hospital and they commented on how they had never seen a doctor skip out on the banquet to help patients instead and would donate a great deal to the hospital because they were so impressed.

Dr. Fulton went up to him and told him “big shoes were filled – and then some.”

Georgia and Max started dancing and she asked him to move back in with her, not as a doctor but as him.

He then told her he needed to tell her about a patient and to hold onto him tight and finally told her about his cancer.

What do you think will happen next on New Amsterdam? Will Helen get pregnant? Will Vijay make amends with his son? Will Lauren and Floyd get together? Will Max be okay?

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