Manifest recap: ‘S.N.A.F.U.’


Manifest Continues:

The highly anticipated truth of NBC’s newest mystery drama, Manifest is coming soon. With each week giving us more and more information, we’ll soon find out what happened to flight 828.

The episode starts with a new passenger being seen on flight 828 telling Kelly that being on this flight is something that’s happening for you not to you.

Cal still feels connected to Marko and thinks something bad is going to happen to both of them.

Cal was then released from the hospital.

Ben decided to apply to a job at J.P. Williamson even though he was overqualified for it in order to get closer to UDS and finding out the truth about the company and what it’s doing.

After the interview and some skepticism from the interviewer, Ben got the job.

Olive asked to go rock climbing with Danny because that was an outlet for her to help her heal after she was getting off antidepressants from the flight going missing.


Ben’s first day of work starts and he is greeted by his supervisor who is consistently making alien jokes, but Ben goes with it.

Michaela went to visit Beverly, Evie’s mom – she’s getting worse.

Ben starts digging into the company’s files trying to find more about UDS. He finds out the woman from the flashback in the beginning of the episode is working for whoever took the missing passengers.

Her name is Fiona Clarke and she’s a neuro psychologist with a huge online presence and believes all brains can sync up. All of her files are marked SP and Ben doesn’t have access to view them.


Cal is having flashbacks to the hospital while he had the fever and sees Marko.

Olive decides she doesn’t want to rock climb anymore after Danny says he wishes he could see her soccer tournament.

Detective Vance thinks Ben is right about the company doing something off the books and keeping passengers hidden.

Jared invites Michaela to dinner with Lourdes. He then tells her he’s worried about her, not the voices she’s hearing.

Jared then tells her the NSA is watching her, but he would never betray her trust.

The two get a call about a shooting, Michaela tried to save the victim, but couldn’t. She heard heartbeats the entire time.

The man who died had a nephew named Carlos who took him in when he had nothing and was going through major health problems. He was grooming him to take over the barber shop.

During the identification lineup, Carlos says he can’t identify the shooter and ran out upset.

Ben and Saanvi go to see a presentation Fiona was having.


Michaela goes to dinner at Jared and Lourdes’ house and they’re having a great time, laughing and recalling old, great memories.

They recall a story about how Evie wanted to get revenge on a guy that wronged her, not justice.

Michaela then starts hearing the heartbeat again and ran out of dinner.

Michaela goes to Carlos’ house and confronts him about wanting revenge on the man who shot his uncle, which is why he wouldn’t identify the killer.

During her presentation, Fiona passed Ben and Saanvi and said she has been waiting for them.

After her presentation, Ben and Saanvi confronted Fiona about the missing passengers and she told them she had been contacted by a non-profit to fun her research. The non-profit is called SP.


Ben decides to go to his coworker’s poker game to try to gain access to restricted SP files.
At the game, Ben bonds with the IP guy who says he’ll give him a tour of his office and what he does the next day.

Olive tells Ben that she quit climbing and he convinces her not to let go of something she loves to do.

Michaela tells Jared she ran out of dinner to go see Carlos and confront him. Jared said she could’ve messed up the entire investigation when Carlos walks in with the murder weapon ready to identify the suspect.

The suspect was cut loose because he couldn’t be held without an identification.

Olive goes back to the rock-climbing place to meet Danny once again and spend time with him.

Ben brings the IT guy coffee ready to talk about all of the technical aspects of working there when he spills the coffee all over his lap.

The IP guy leaves to change and Ben starts snooping on his computer.

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Ben finds all of the files he needed and copy’s it to a flash drive, but Vance is tracking his phone and hears the conversation he ahs with Saanvi telling her he found everything.

On his way out of work, Ben sees a long line of security and has to hide the flash drive in his travel mug. He then gets a text from a random number telling him to turn left, now.

When he finally decides to listen to the texts, he sees Vance waiting for him, telling him to hand over the flash drive or get arrested. Ben gives him the flash drive begging him to do something for the passengers and his son.

Michaela and Jared are out trying to find the shooter when Michaela starts hearing the heartbeats again. The man was going to attack someone again.

They found the shooter just before he attacked another old man.

Michaela went to tell Carlos they caught his uncle’s killer when she starts to hear the heartbeat again. She walks through the barber shop and finds a picture of Evie. Carlos tells her that was the women’s whose heart was donated to him and saved his life.

Michaela went to see Beverly and tell her she saw Evie and she’s okay.


Cal tells Ben not to worry about Vance and that he isn’t a bad guy.

Vance gets a phone call from the NSA detectives who are on stand by ready to arrest Ben, but Vance tells them he was clean.

Michaela got her sign and Ben felt like he wasn’t getting any, until they saw a picture Cal drew a few days ago of Carlos with Evie’s heart.

What do you think Vance is going to do with the flash drive? Do you think he’ll be able to uncover the truth? Do you think Manifest is a must watch show?

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