‘Manifest’ recap: ‘Off Radar’


After a week hiatus, NBC’s hit mystery drama, Manifest is back to mess with all of your minds and bring out your inner conspiracist.

This episode starts out on flight 828 with a man asking for help in Bulgarian and one woman understanding the language and being able to help him.

We’re then taken to present day where Cal suddenly develops a bad fever and is taken to the hospital.

At a conference, scientists are trying to figure out any possibility to determine what happened to flight 828, but no one knows for sure.

Back in the hospital, the doctors are unaware of what’s causing Cal’s fever, so they can only treat his symptoms.


As Cal’s doctor steps out, Grace follows her and asks if Saanvi’s treatment could possibly be the reason, but the doctor quickly shuts down that idea because it’s done nothing but help save lives.

Cal wakes up screaming “help me” in Bulgarian. This leads Ben, Michaela and Saanvi to look over the list of passengers thinking it’s connected somehow and they find one passenger who they think can help, but he was one of the few passengers Ben hadn’t been able to find information on.

Saanvi recalled the woman on the flight who was able to help him, so Michaela went to meet with her.


This woman told Michaela the Bulgarian man, Marko was taken to a government shelter.

In the hospital, Ben tells Grace about the voices him and other passengers have been hearing after she said she’d believe anything about “the magic plane.”

The two always promised to be partners through Cal’s sickness, but she doesn’t want them having to figure anything out.

Michaela is back at the precinct trying to track down more information when Jared interrupts her and gets upset that she still won’t tell him what’s been going on.

Michaela, Ben and Saanvi figure out there were a group of passengers who went missing because they weren’t from the United States and didn’t have any family, so they think the government thought no one would notice. They then confirm that all of those passengers were on a bus that wasn’t accounted for.


Cal is now screaming “hurry” in Bulgarian, but now there’s a flash to Marko having tests done on him screaming the same thing.

Ben calls Michaela and asks her to look for the bus but tells her to bring Jared because it could be very dangerous. Jared agreed to go.

Cal is now screaming “please stop” in Bulgarian – as is Marko.

Michaela and Jared are driving around the middle of nowhere when they see a large guarded and secretive building.

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They stop in front of it when they see a truck pull up behind them and men walking at them with large guns. Michaela then stabs one of the tires on their car to make it seem like they had to pull over due to a flat.

One of the guards tells them it’s a restricted area and they need to leave. As they’re driving off, they see a red door and flashback to Cal saying, “no not the red door!”

Cal is now getting worse from the fever and if they use antibiotics, they might cancel out the cancer treatment and get him kicked out of the program, but the doctor says if they don’t treat the fever, the cancer may not matter.

On the ride away from that random guarded building with the red door, Michaela finally tells Jared that her and some of the other passengers have been hearing and seeing things and that’s how they keep solving all of the cases.


Ben tries to tell Grace that Cal is channeling one of the passengers upstate, but she thinks he just sounds crazy.

Ben decides to go see Director Vance and confront him about taking the passengers and doing tests on them.

Ben threatens to expose everything if they don’t fix this, but Vance and his other NSA detectives won’t help. Ben then tells them “the truth will come out.”

When Ben leaves, Vance actually seems to know nothing about what Ben is telling him, so he has his detectives try to pull up all of the passenger’s files.

Back at the precinct, Jared asked Michaela why she didn’t tell him about everything soon because he would never betray her trust.

The two then find out that everything is connected and owned by a multi-billion-dollar company called, Unified Dynamic Systems. They owned the building and rented all of the buses.

When Cal’s fever starts spiking again and he starts seizing, so Grace caves and says she wants the antibiotics for him. Saanvi tells her to hold off because it won’t help and will only get him kicked out of the trial.

He stops seizing and Grace asks a nurse to watch him for a few minutes and she heads to the bathroom and breaks down.

The nurse calls her back in moments later saying Cal is waking up. His fever broke and Marko is barely conscience.


The building with the red door needs to pack everything up and move locations, which is why Marko’s tests were stopped.

Vance thinks UDS is hiding something and decides to drive upstate to figure out what that is.

Ben, Michaela and Saanvi aren’t sure if they got the calling right, but all that matters right now is Cal is better.

Vance and his detectives arrive at the building with the red door to find that everything is packed up and gone, except for a fresh band aid.

UDS is going to be back up and running soon when they find a new location to set up, which means Cal will be in danger again soon.

What do you think of Manifest so far? Do you think the NSA really doesn’t know anything? Do you think UDS is behind the mystery of flight 828?

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